1 June, 2023

Visas and Required Documents for Austrian Expats

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It is always important to review the visa requirements and documents you will need for your new country of residence. The first step in this journey is to ensure that you have an up to date passport and you know what visa you will apply for.

European citizens do not require a visa to enter, live or work in Austria. Austrian visas that are available for non-EU passport holders include Tourist visa, Schengen visa, working visa or a resident visa. The type of visa you apply for is dependant on your intentions and desired length of stay.

Tourist Visas

Non-EU passport holders are generally required to obtain a tourist visa to enter into Austria. However, there are a number of countries that are able to enter Austria and stay for up to 90 days without a visa, including Canadian and US citizens.

Austria is a signatory Schengen country and therefore grants Schengen tourist visas to non-EU citizens. This visa allows holders to travel around and visit any of the signatory countries whilst the visa is valid.  

Tourist Visa holders are not permitted to work whilst in Austria or any Schengen country.

Working Visa

If you intend to work in Austria, you will need to obtain a work permit before you arrive in the country. You can apply at the Austrian embassy in your country of origin and you will need to allow time for the application procedures.

Your employer will need to confirm your employment and explain why you are a necessary employee over an Austrian citizen.

There are a variety of work permits you can obtain and you can review them all here.

Permanent Residency

If your plan is to relocate indefinitely to Austria, then you will need to obtain permanent residency status. If you have been living in Austria for a decade, you are eligible to apply for residency. Expats that have lived in Austria for less than 0 years, can still apply for residence by proving that the are making a significant contribution to the country. The contribution is determined based on categories including; economic, scientific, cultural or through financial investment. The contributions may qualify you to utilise the Austrian economic citizenship programme.

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