4 June, 2023

Relocating to Frankfurt / Germany

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Andrea Simon and Catherine Brozovsky of BS relocation services describe how professional relocation services can assist you with housing and other potential challenges associated with your move to Germany.

Relocation assistance simplifies your relocation process in a fast, efficient and cost effective way.

Frankfurt is Germany`s most cosmopolitan city, with foreigners making up more than one-quarter of the population. It is an international city where newcomers settle down quickly and feel at home.

Expats and Housing

For expatriates housing is probably the most essential issue. Frankfurt has a fast moving rental property market due to a high share of expatriates with an average rental period of 2-3 years. Apartments go as fast as they come on the market and online offers are often already taken by the time they appear.

Value-Added Services

Therefore the excellent contacts of a well-established relocation company make a real difference when trying to secure the property you want. How to choose the appropriate relocation service for my requirements?

Decisive criteria for the right choice should be:

  • Long lasting experience in the relocation business
  • International background
  • Excellent soft skills
  • Professionalism and flexibility

A good relocation company can also assist you with your immigration process as well as with the search of a suitable school or kindergarten and help you during your settling in period to allow a smooth start in your new daily life. 


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