23 September, 2023

Obtaining German Drivers License

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If you love to drive, then the experience of driving in Germany is one you won’t want to miss while you are there. The German autobahn is famous for sections where no speed limits exist, although this is not true for the entire length. The beautiful scenery in Germany is best enjoyed on long drives on the well-maintained roads.>

Americans will find that their existing license is valid for the first six months of their stay, after which one may apply for a six month extension. However, if you will be in Germany for longer than one year, you will need to obtain a German driver`s license. To see what the testing is like, visit www.osterberger.org/test.html.

For Americans, the process is fairly simple. Depending on the US state in which your license was issued, you may be able to simply exchange it for a German one. For other states, you may be required to take a written exam, with or without a driving test. Visit www.amcham.de/services/drivers-license/us-citizens-in-germany.html for details.In either case, you should obtain a driving manual immediately upon your arrival because the laws do differ substantially from what you are used to.

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