4 June, 2023
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Healthcare for Expats in Germany

Germany is the wealthiest European country, and just as you would expect of a country holding such status, its health care system is also one of the best. High quality, high tech health care exists at every level of the German healthcare system. Waiting for treatment is not an issue, hospital infections rates are so low they are almost non-existent and the level of geriatric care is truly impressive.

Germany consistently spends % of its very large GDP on health care. So, it is natural to assume that quality health care is what that money buys, and it does. Life expectancies are very high, with the average for women age 83 and the average for men at age 77. At the same time, the mortality rate of infants is only 4 in every ,000. Health insurance coverage is as wide and varied as the health care options. The main thing about insurance in Germany is that everyone who lives there must have some sort of coverage. Even if you are merely vacationing there for a short period, you are required to have valid travel insurance, if your insurance provider in your home country does not cover you on foreign soil. 

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