23 September, 2023

Exploring and Living in Hanover

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Top three locations to check out when you move to Hanover

Lower Saxony’s resplendent capital, Hanover, is complemented with numerous green areas, parks and of course, the river Leinewhich flows calmly through the city. With mostly new buildings, due to the after effects of World War II, Hanover has a more modern look to it, with newer buildings even in the Altstadt. 

Equipped with a strong sense of culture and recreational facilities, expats can both learn the way of life in Hanover as well as take the time out to relax and enjoy the wonderful amenities.

Over the past few years Hanover has become a prime location for relocating expatriates. 

Relocating to another country is difficult in and of itself, so why bother spending more time adjusting to your new home than necessary? Save yourself time and money by finding the perfect house or apartment in the perfect location, and leave the rest such as furnishings and utility installations to professionals.

While you’re getting acquainted with Hanover, don’t forget to check out our top three choices:

·     Herrenhausen Gardens are a combination of greens and museum—Perfect for the outdoorsy and art lovers.

·     Opernhaus—Exactly how it sounds, an Opera House built in the 840s commanding unique architectural presence

·     Marktplaz—Or The Marketplace.  A great spot for more gothic, mid-9th century architecture.

Those in the market for somewhere to live are not only faced with finding the perfect location, but finding one that’s move-in ready as well.

Do you have your own recommendations?  Join the conversation!

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