4 June, 2023

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Renting an Apartment in Germany

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In Germany, renting an apartment is an entirely different thing than it is anywhere else. There are certain procedures which must be followed in order for you to protect yourself from costly mistakes.

Here are a few helpful tips:

• If your company is relocating you for work, they generally will pay the deposit on your rental apartment or provide a letter offering to put the rental contract in the company’s name. Do not take this task on yourself unless you must.

• If you must deposit three month’s rent or pay security deposit, the money is to be deposited in a separate account from the landlord’s regular account. This account should require both you and the landlord to sign before money can be removed from the account.

• Make sure you familiarize yourself with the abbreviations commonly used in German newspapers indicating the features of rentals.

• When renting in Germany painting the apartment is your responsibility. It is best to opt for painting when you move in, because if you paint when you leave, landlords often dispute the quality and require you to engage professional painters and pay them from your own pocket.

• Note every detail of scratches and damages to all surfaces in the rental apartment and make sure these notes arepart of the contract. Take photos to back it up.

Unfurnished apartments result in a cheaper monthly payment than furnished ones.

So, rent unfurnished if at all possible and contact FurnitureLeasing.net for all your rental furniture needs.

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