4 June, 2023

Buying furniture in Osnabrück

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Ikea who? That’s probably what you’ll say when you realize just how many furniture stores there are in Osnabrück. There really isn’t a need to worry about finding a store that will be affordable while offer high quality. And even better, you aren’t limited to just Ikea, Osnabrück is home to many wonderful furniture stores where quality and affordability walk hand in hand.

Möbel Wurm-Osnabrück for example, has a lot to offer. If you’re in need of a new kitchen because silly enough, your apartment didn’t come with one, then this is where you’ll be able to rejoice in just how low of a price you’re able to find an amazing kitchen at. But kitchen’s aren’t all Möbel Wurm-Osnabrück has to offer because with their wide variety of household items, furnishing your home in just this one location will be a breeze.

Möbel Wurm-Osnabrück

Website: http://möbel-wurm-osnabrück.de

Address: Hannoversche Straße 4049084 Osnabrück

Email:  [email protected]

And then there is Kitzman Home Company which will leave you mesmerized by the items you have purchased through this store. They really have quality ‘down to a T’ and when buying furniture, the last thing you want is to have it break after a few weeks, so quality is indeed of dire importance.

Phone: 054 – 9987996

Kitzman Home Company

Phone: 054 /  8008730

Website: http://kitzmann-homecompany.europa-moebel.de

Address: Hannoversche Str. 28

49084 Osnabrück

Email:  [email protected]

Last, but by no means least, with over 00 stores throughout Germany, and thirty plus years in the furniture business, is Möbel Boss. The variety that this stores has to offer can be compared to that of Ikea. They’ve got just about everything you could ever want for your home and aren’t afraid to show their great prices. Take a look for yourself on their official website:http://moebel-boss.de/

Additional info for Möbel Boss:

Phone: 054/7708530

Address: Mindener Straße 8

49084 Osnabrück

Email: [email protected]

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