1 June, 2023

Buying furniture in Chemnitz

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Gorgeous, affordable and quality furniture exists in Chemnitz. With the reign of Ikea, at times it seems difficult to acknowledge that there are indeed more furniture stores in existence. But luckily enough for you and I, there are. What this means is that for those who’d like to furnish their Chemnitz home or apartment in a more unique and individual manner, bits and pieces that you can incorporate into your living space aren’t far away, they’re right here in Chemnitz.

Are you in search of a new kitchen? Can you say affordable? Möbelcenter Chemnitz sure can. I think we’ve all been there in Germany, or at least a lot of us. You find the perfect apartment, that has everything you could ever want, except a kitchen. Yes, it is indeed discouraging when you’re shopping around on a lower budget only to find that the majority of kitchens for sale don’t even come close to being affordable. At Möbelcenter Chemnitz that’s not the case. They definitely know how to combine beauty with a price that’s beautiful to you.


Address: Schulstraße 38 0925 Chemnitz

Email Address: [email protected]öbelcenter-chemnitz.de

If you love hardwood, then Moebelhaus Stooeckert is the perfect furniture store for you. Especially when it comes to finding a dining table that can withstand spaghetti storms, you’ll want to make sure that the quality of the table is up there. This is definitely the place where you’ll be able to find such quality.


Phone: 037 / 3864 – 0

Address: Zwickauer Straße 6 092 Chemnitz

Email Address: [email protected]

At Moebelmarkt Chemitz you will be able to find discount furniture. We’re all on some kind of a budget, and it’s great to know that there are furniture stores out there that keep these budgets in mind so that we can comfortably furnish our homes without having to worry about not being able to afford everything we need while living in Germany.


Phone: 037 / 262 9 74

Address: Ludwig-Kühn-Str. , 0923 Chemnitz

Email Address: [email protected]

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