1 June, 2023

A Shopaholic’s Guide to Graz

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If you have never experienced the sheer bliss of a shopping spree in Graz, then you are in for a treat. Whether you are seeking souvenirs, fashion pieces or furniture, Graz has it all. You can even shop after hours, tax-free or select one of the many shopping centres located throughout the city.

Graz is especially known for its exceptional selection of markets. There are farmers markets, flea markets and markets for all seasons in this shopper’s paradise.

If you are new to the city or are just interested in visiting for a weekend or holiday, here are some of the popular shopping streets in Graz:

  • Annenstraße
  • Franziskanerviertel
  • Herrengasse & Hauptplatz
  • Jakominiviertel
  • Lendplatz
  • Murgasse
  • Sackstraße
  • Schmiedgasse
  • Sporgasse
  • Stempfergasse
  • Südtiroler Platz

If you want an all in one shopping experience or if you simply want to escape the winter weather, you can find all you need under one roof at any of these major shopping centres:

  • Centre west Graz
  • City Park Graz
  • Kastner & Ohler
  • Murpark Graz
  • Shopping Nord Graz 

There are an abundance of options if you are looking to find traditional Austrian Tracht clothing as well. You will surely find the perfect Tracht outfit in any of these unique shops: 

  • Loden Furst
  • Seidl Tracht & Mode
  • Mothwurf Shop
  • Trachten Schlossel
  • Lena Hoschek

Whatever your reason is for spoiling yourself to a shopping spree in Graz, you will not be disappointed by this shop-till-you-drop destination. If you need a break from the stores, you can always slip into one of the many international restaurants scattered throughout the city. Or after you find that perfect outfit, you may want to hit the town for the evening to show it off!

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