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Gyms and Sports Clubs in Munich

Though Munich has some great running routes where you can put on your sneakers and enjoy the fresh air and summer breeze during your run, there's nothing like breaking a sweat in the gym. Especially during the colder months of the year, you'll want somewhere indoors as the weather may be a tad bit more than unbearable and you'd rather not get your feet wet in the snow or rain. Luckily, Munich has got quite a few Gyms and Sports Clubs where you can take on your workout and training sessions. There's nothing like being able to keep your body in shape, and get the exercise you need throughout the year. Having a gym membership is like having a little voice in your head pushing and motivating you to get out of the house and get on the treadmill.

Pricing is one of the things that perhaps keep many from signing up for the gym. However, there are many affordable gyms and sports clubs in the Munich area.


Popular gyms and sports clubs in Munich include:

McFit: With over one million members, Mc Fit is the largest fitness studio in Germany. Open 24 hours a day and is reasonably priced at 6.90 euros per month. For this price members have access to each and every area of the gym and are allowed to use the showers free of cost. 

Leo's Sports Club: This sports club has prices starting at 64 euros per month. The prices are broken down based on the length of the contract as well as what time of day you will be working out. This means the gym times are separated into the categories daylight and full time. It's a beautiful center in a great location and offer lots of classes such as yoga, zumba, spinning, and fitness for fighters.

Nautilus Fitness and more offers prices as low as 9.90 euros for a  week. They are also equipped with a wellness area where you can enjoy a bit of relaxation after your workout. Saunas and spas are only two of the things available in terms of wellness.



Outside of having to pay for a membership, if you are enrolled or work at a University in Munich, you may be able to take advantage of their facilities. 

One thing to ensure when looking at joining a gym, is that you know what the conditions of the contract are. Quite a few gyms only offer long term contracts and if you're planning on spending only a short period of time in Germany you will need to find out if you will be able to end your contract early. Check if the contract will roll over into the next year if you haven't canceled within a certain period of time. If you don't speak German, have a friend or colleague go over the contract with you so that you know exactly what you are signing and what you will be held responsible for. [...]

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German Sports Clubs and Other ways to Get Out and Work Out

After the big move to Germany, after getting started in your new job, after settling into your new home, you may take that deep breath and realize that you are not sure what to do next. Next, you need to get out there and integrate yourself into your new community. While you are integrating yourself, you can also find ways to stay healthy and be active. One of the best ways to stay active, make friends, and become a part of your community is to join a sports club in your new German town.

Sports Clubs

A sports club, depending on how large and elaborate the club, is like a cross between a gym and a country club. Sports clubs in Germany have their own gyms and sports facilities, along with club rooms for members to relax after a game or workout. There are usually monthly fees that members must pay. There are different levels of sports clubs in Germany. Some are smaller, less expensive, and are run almost exclusively by volunteers. On the other end of the spectrum, some of the clubs are massive, expensive, fully staffed, and are host to members who are also famous German footballers. So, depending on what you can afford, there are many options in sports clubs available to you. A simple internet search or inquiring with a friend or coworker and you should be able to find the sports clubs in your area.

Sports and Clubs for Children

Most of the sports clubs in Germany have facilities, events, and activities for children as well. If you do not wish to take your children to a sports club, there are some places where you can sign up your children for activities like gymnastics or martial arts classes. Also, the German Youth Sports Organization sponsors some summer camp programs for youths.


If a sports club is not the kind of place you are looking for, you also have the option of joining a gym. Depending on the size and quality of the gym, they may be less expensive than a sports club, though some are quite costly. Many gyms offer an initial free session, if you would like to check it out before committing to a contract.



If you are a university student, then you may be in luck. Most universities have sports facilities with access for students. Access to the university sports facilities is usually free of charge, after an annual fee, usually paid with tuition.


If gyms and sports clubs are not your thing, there is always the old fashioned way to work out, running and exercising outside and in your own home. Running outdoors is a great way to get fresh air, get acquainted with your new hometown, and meet people you find along the way. Also, if the weather gets too cold, or you want to supplement your running with additional exercises, you can find videos online or purchase DVDs and work out in the comfort of your own home.


However you choose to do it, getting a little bit of exercise and getting out into the world will be good for your body and your emotional well-being. It will also help you to meet some new people along the way. [...]

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Canceling a gym membership

Canceling gym memberships as well as many other contracts in Germany can be rather tricky. Many contracts consist of clauses that state that a resignation needs to be transmitted via mail at least three months prior to the desired termination date of the contract. If such resignation is not sent at least three months before, contracts will be extended by as much as 2 or even 24 months. This can turn into a very costly affair if the service isn’t needed any longer. Gym memberships tend to have clauses such as the one described. In addition to this, most gyms will offer significantly lower rates for those people who sign up for 24 months in comparison to 6 or 2 months. A pay per month option is generally not offered by most of the gyms or is relatively expensive.

Some places even follow the criminal strategy to claim that they have not received a resignation letter and extend the contract anyway. In order to be protected against such fraud it is important to keep copies and records of sent resignation letters. The safest is usually sending an e-mail since the e-mail provider keeps records with time stamps of any outgoing e-mails. Save the e-mail as soon as it is sent in order to make sure that the automatic deletion after a certain time does not go into effect. Many companies, however, will not allow for resignation letters to be e-mails.  In this case it is smartest to deliver the letter personally and to demand a receipt for said letter. If that is not possible, for example due to a great distance between one’s location and the mailing address of a company, make sure to send the letter as an “Einschreiben”. It costs a little more in shipping but the person on the receiving end has to sign for it, therefore technically handing out a receipt for the resignation letter.



Just in the recent past a law has been passed concerning gym memberships. This one is especially concerning for those planning on leaving Germany or relocating within Germany. Prior to this law people who moved but still had a contract with a gym were supposed to pay the membership fee until the end of the contract, despite having left the area with no way to use any services of the gym. Now it is possible to cancel existing gym memberships solely based on the fact that one is moving away, regardless of the time left on the contract. 


Like with all contracts, know what you are signing before you sign. Schedule a date to check out the gym, ensuring that the facility hosts the necessary equipment for your work out regime. As a form of promotion, gyms often offer a trial period, where there may be a reduced cost, or no cost at all. If you are required to sign a contract during this time, ensure that you are aware of any clauses stating that the contract will automatically prolonged if you haven’t contacted the gym to cancel. [...]

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