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Unusual restaurants

The most unusual restaurants in Germany.


Unique, unusual or just down right strange? That's up for you to decide. The German culture in itself isn't a strange one, in fact it's more on the conservative side. So when you find restaurants in this country that are so out of the box and in some cases cringe worthy, there's no way you won't be interested. You'll get some great food in Germany, possibly even some of the best you've tasted. You'll perhaps even sit in fancy restaurants and coffee houses that beam luxury only to find that the prices really aren't as exuberant as you had expected. But these places, the ones where you might be tempted to hold your breath before walking in, they will wow you.


First, there's the Klo. Certainly we've all been told by our grandmothers and grandfathers not to eat where we... do our business. Well, that's okay, because at Klo, you'll be drinking. The seating choice in this wonderful bar, is as bizarre as it gets. You've got the choice between a toilet, or a coffin. And if your appetite starts kicking in, make sure you're willing and able to take on the challenge of eating yummy sausages out of a potty. Strange? I'm sure you'd agree. For the ladies who have to make their way to the actual restroom, keep your fingers to yourselves because there is a figure waiting patiently for you to lift his kilt. And when you do, everyone will know you did by means of a loud siren altering everyone in the bar.


With gluten allergies and phobias on the rise Sauvage offers a great dining option who want to do a bit more for their health and are planning on entering a Paleo diet lifestyle, this restaurant is heaven. Even if you haven't taken on any particular dietary plan, Sauvage is so great, it might make you change your mind. The menu is extensive and if someone hadn't told you that their food was gluten free, you wouldn't know. Delicious, succulent dining and a nice, candle lit atmosphere, Sauvage brings out the brilliance in natural foods.


It doesn't matter how old you are, it doesn't matter if you're the kind who would rather skip the amusement parks during the summer, you will love 's Baggers. The concept of this restaurant is phenomenal. Look up and you'll see the roller coaster structures waiting to give your food an exciting journey to your table. And if things weren't techy enough, your waitress won't be the one taking your order. You've got your touch screen waiting to be pushed and prodded to prompt the chefs to whip you up something good.



The Shy Chef has amazing concept and interchanging locations. You'll have no idea where you're dining until the actual date, where you'll receive the address. Even more spectacular, you'll make new friends, because you'll be seated at a table with complete strangers and be able to meet the Shy Chef. And the price for your dining experience, is however much you can afford, because all you're expected to do is make a donation, there is no set price.



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Best Burger Restaurants in Frankfurt

Everyone loves a big juicy burger that drips with deliciousness as you bite in. There are some things that people crave when they leave home, burgers are one of them. Being able to find a place that competes with that one place at home that makes the 'best' burgers is something people find a little difficult. But there's no need to spend your time in Frankfurt searching for that perfect burger and coming up empty handed. There are tons of places in this beautiful city that will leave your appetite for  a decadent burger satisfied, your taste buds pleased, your stomach full, and your wallet not much lighter. So get your bibs out, and your stomachs growling and prepare yourselves for a list of spectacular burger joints that will make you miss home just a little less.


Frankfurt's awesome burger spots:

Die Kuh die lacht

Did someone say decadent? These mouthwatering burgers will have you licking your fingers long after your meal is done. With prices that start at 4 euros, this is a very affordable place that brings both quality and affordability to the table. To top things all off, you'll be able to dress up your burger with whatever you want as they have a wide selection of toppings available. Excellent service, a chilled atmosphere, great food, there's not much more one needs when dining out.


Chillers- American Sports bar and Restaurant

Sports, chicken wings, french fries, burgers and a large beer. If you're missing the United States even for a minute. Plan a visit to Chillers. The ambiance is on point, and you'll almost forget that the language around you is German, though the waiters are very willing to converse in English. This place offers a touch of home for Americans, and when you bite into that burger, and experience the richness and the burst of flavours, you'll forget for a minute where you are. Located at the airport, it's the perfect place to grab your favourite food once you've gotten off that long flight and your hunger starts to set in.


Chicago Meat Packers

Are you looking for a place that serves large portions at a very reasonable price? That would be Chicago Meat Packers. Here, they really do pack in the meat, and everything else. You will not leave hungry, and you also won't leave displeased. Some expats consider their burgers the best that they've tasted. For between 0 and 2 euros, you'll get a meal that consists of a mouth watering burger, perfectly cooked and salted french fries and awesome coleslaw. The ambiance, coupled with the friendly staff and amazing food will leave you thankful that you found this place.



Other recommended Burger restaurants in Frankfurt include:

  • Heroes Burgers

  • Heidi und Paul

  • Fletcher's Better Burger

  • Luna Burger

  • Chalet Multi Lounge

  • New York Burger


There are quite a few great places. If you're someone who enjoys eating out, it would definitely be worth trying them all and deciding on your own personal favourite[...]

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Indian Restaurants and Curry Houses

Every once in a while we get an appetite for something that leans more towards the spicy side of decadence, something with such a rich aroma you won't hold back, something fabulously seasoned. Something like curry. And what is the first thing we think of when we think curry? An Indian Restaurant. But you're in Berlin and you have no idea what to expect from curry in Germany, and even more than that, you have no idea which places are good and which ones you should elegantly glide past. Well, even though curry is different wherever you go in the world, there's no saying you won't enjoy the variation Germany has to offer.

Here is a list of great Indian restaurants and curry houses in Berlin that are frequented and enjoyed by expats:

Masala: This restaurant has an amazing atmosphere, nice tones, beautiful lighting and exceptional food. With outdoor seating available in the warmer months, you'll be able to enjoy the sounds of Berlin while digging in to a chicken curry meal, or whatever your favorite Indian dish may be. Masala has very friendly staff, and the owners are usually present, and willing to mix and mingle with the diners.



Maharadscha: Great Indian cuisine, in a place that is well liked by both expats and locals. Bring a group to Maharadscha and take advantage of the discounts they have to offer. Two for one specials are also available so not only will you be able to satisfy your craving, but you'll also be doing so at a very reasonable price.

Namaskar: Once you've gotten past how friendly the staff is and how comfortable you feel in this restaurant, you too may be able to put Namaskar on the top of your list for Indian cuisine. It's often been referred to by expats as the place where one can find the best Indian food in Berlin.

Kabir: A great place to enjoy a very spicy meal. Here you can typically choose the level of spiciness you want in your meal and thus avoid having an achy, burning mouth for the rest of the day. If you love things that are extra spicy, be sure to let them know and they'll definitely whip something up to please you. Diners comment on the great hospitality they received, sometimes a free shot or two to go with their after dinner cocktail.

Amrit: The ambiance in Amrit perhaps tops those of the other Indian restaurant. The décor is absolutely astonishing, and such a great use of space. Regardless of how packed the restaurant may seem, you're guaranteed to be seated with pretty much no waiting time. The outside patio is elegantly lit and decorated in the summer. Some expats find the food to be a bit on the bland side, while others are fascinated with its aromatic flavors. The prices are very reasonable, starting as low as 4.90 euros.


There are quite a few Indian restaurants to choose from in Berlin and thus there's no reason to end the day without quenching your appetite for curry, and other delicious and intense spices. [...]

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Favorite cafes in Frankfurt

Frankfurt has an abundance of great cafes where you can sit for hours and enjoy both the atmosphere and the decadent treats they have to offer. During the summer, these places are a big hit, primarily due to the outside seating areas, where you can soak up all the sun and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Here are some favorites amongst expats:

Cafe Laumer: This beautiful cafe is located in the Bockenheimer Landstrasse and boasts a charming atmosphere and very pleasant staff, most of which speak at least some English. It's great for a morning coffee, afternoon cake as well as brunch. They offer a wide selection of products that are guaranteed to effectively satisfy your sweet tooth and have you licking your fingers long after. The lunch menus come in rather large portions and are definitely worth the price based on both quantity and quality. During the summer the large outdoor patio is very popular, so try to get there early in order to secure a spot for yourself. 

Mainkai 5: Situated within such close proximity to the river, its popularity is ever increasing amongst expats who crave appetizing foods and unforgettable scenery. Maneuvering your way through the menu will be rather simple, as most items include an English translation. Prices are very affordable, portion sizes are rather normal for European standards.

Iimori Konditorei Pattisserie: This cafe is beautifully designed as are the goodies they offer. The comfortable design makes it a great place to hang out with a book, and just chill a while over cappuccino and some cake. They offer a breakfast buffet, for a very reasonable price. If it's your sweet tooth that needs pleasing, you surely won't be disappointed. Not only do the pastries taste lovely, but they're uniqueness is uncanny.

Brot & Butter: A very comfortable cafe with outdoor seating available in the warmer seasons. Enjoy a bread basket with a variety of different breads, all freshly baked, and top them off with some delicious meat. The place in itself, is rather large and roomy, making it a great option for larger groups. Also available are a selection of exotic cheeses, which you can have packaged, take home and enjoy with your favorite wine.



There are so many cafes to choose from in Frankfurt. You'll find that the staff in most of these places are exceptionally warm and welcoming. It's definitely worth trying out as many as you can. The experience will certainly be different every where you go. You can learn so much about a culture through food, and meet such great people in these locations to share your cultural experience with. With such comfortable settings, regularly hanging out in these places for coffee or brunch will be something you wholeheartedly enjoy. And if you haven't got enough time to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere, at least stop by and pick up something to enjoy at home. The pastries in Germany are so different from those in the United Kingdom and the United States, and you'll be certain to find a new favorites in one of the many coffee shops Frankfurt has to offer. 


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The Best Restaurants in Munich

The Best Restaurants in Munich

Munich is well known for its hip dining establishments, haute cuisine and sophisticated dining amidst artwork and in historic locales.

Some popular restaurants include:



    • Tantris serves Continental and European gourmet haute cuisine created by International Chef Hans Haas.
    • Vinaiolo features fine European and Italian cuisine, and its popularity means that reservations are required.
    • Café Reitschule offers European and German dishes in a hip young spot with music.
    • Osteria Italiana serves European and Italian cuisine in a historic building with exquisite artwork.
    •  Seehaus Im Engischen Garten features European, Bavarian, German and Regional cuisine along with great beers all served in a traditional park-like beer garden.
    • Austernkeller or oyster cellar features fine fresh Seafood and Continental cuisine in a cozy and casual atmosphere.
  •  La Famiglia serves fine European and Italian dishes in a circa 400s hotel.
  • Hirschgarten features delicious European and German cuisine, along with local and regional fare in a beer garden setting.
  • Ederer is the home of Ethnic dishes, and European and German cuisine created by celebrity Chef Karl Ederer.
  • Cage Glockenspiel is the place to find delicious coffee, great beer and a light menu perfect for lunch.

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The Best Restaurants in Berlin

The Best Restaurants in Berlin


Although Berlin is not internationally known for its cuisine, do not be fooled.

You will find some of the tastiest cuisine imaginable here.


Renowned restaurants include:


    • Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer features fine European cuisine, and it is wise to make a reservation rather than just showing up.
    • Paris-Moskau serves a delightful combination of Continental, European, French and German cuisine with fine wines.

    • Schwarzwaldstuben features fine dining on European and German cuisine. Their specialty is traditional white asparagus.
    •  Il Casolare serves a both European and Italian cuisine. Curry 36 is a popular European and German restaurant, with lines that often trail out the doors, so be prepared to wait.
    • Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebap serves fine Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine, and here you should also be prepared for long waiting times.


  • The Bird offers delicious American cuisine.
  • Gugelhof features Asatian, European and French cuisine served with fine French wines.
  • Sauvage is for the adventurous who like organic wild game selections, with an option to dine outdoors.
  • Prater Garten serves traditional German cuisine and an excellent locally brewed Pilsner beer. 

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