Churches, worship, clubs, organizations in Germany

Clubs and Organizations in Germany

Clubs and Organizations in Germany


In order to truly feel at home in Germany, there are quite a few things that you may need. Friends, and feeling like you belong to a community is one of those things. Just because you are in Germany, doesn't mean that you will have to abandon your English fully in order to take on the challenge of the German language. Though it is helpful to make new German friends and attend German courses in order to speed up the process of learning German, sometimes you'll want something closer to home, sometimes you'll want to converse in English, be able to debate things, and have meaningful conversations. Thankfully there are many groups, clubs and organization that have been created by people who had the same need and desires as you.


Once you are in Germany you may want to consider joining one of these groups and attending their regular meetings. You'll be sure to make great friends, have amazing discussions and experience new places and new ideas. The possibility to find a group that focuses on pretty much any topic is there. And if you can't seem to find one, then you can always take it upon yourself to create one.


Some of the most prominent groups, clubs and organizations amongst expatriates include:


The Women's clubs: These clubs are specifically designed for women to come together and discuss their issues, likes, dislikes and is a great way to get support when you need it. The focus of these groups aren't always heavy ones as the members of Women's groups do tend to have a lot of fun and enjoy going on outings, wine tasting, cooking together and partaking in numerous other fun activities. This is also a great way to set up a play group for your children. And for those night when you would like some time without the kids, you'll have lots of friends to call who will be more than willing to lend a hand in babysitting.


More information on Women's clubs can be found on this website:



The Federation of German-American Clubs has a rather large number of groups and is something that every member of the family can independently partake in. Your children will be able to find something of interest in the section dedicated to children and youth. You and your husband or wife can join the women's or men's sector and meet people with the same interests as you. Especially with getting integrated into the German society, it's nice to talk to people who have gone through the same things as you to get to where they are now.


Business organizations are great for those who are looking to network. You will also be able to attend many events, fundraisers, banquets and be a part of a greater cause.  

Refer to this website for more information:


Other groups include:

The American Chamber of Commerce

Political parties.

The American Legion

The John-F.-Kennedy Friendship Center

Frankfurt-n-Motion Sports & Social group [...]

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Churches and Religious Activities in Germany

Churches and Religious Activities in Germany

Religion is important to many, and if you are a part of a religious group, you will certainly not want to miss out on your Sunday mass or whatever other means you need to practice your religion. When moving to Germany, it is natural that one may worry about not being able to practice their religion due to the language barrier. Rather than sitting in a church or mosque and having to guess and wonder what is being said, you will more than likely prefer to have your ceremonies carried out in English. Luckily, this option is available in Germany. In larger cities especially, there are many places of worship that do their activities in English. This meets the needs of the abundant numbers of English speaking members in the German society who want to continue their traditions and need to a place where the can come together to practice what they believe in.

A quick search on the internet will yield many results with places of worship within close proximity to your home. Whether you're Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or Jewish, you will find somewhere in Germany to worship.

The list below will provide you with locations for Mosques, Churches etc.

•    International Baptist Church

• -On this website you will find a list of Catholic churches in Berlin where the language of worship is English.
•    Ayasofya Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Haus der Weisheit  (Mosque)
•    As Salam Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Berliner Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Sehitlik Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Israelitische Synagogen-Gemeinde (Adass Jisroel)

Moschee is german for Mosque

•    American Protestant Church
•    CLW Bonn International Church
•    St. Boniface
•    Merkez Cami, Ditib Bonn (Mosque)

•    International Baptist Church
•    Cologne-Bonn Anglican Chaplaincy
•    Islamischer Kulturverein (Mosque)
•    IGMG Fatihcamii Köln (Mosque)
•    IPD Institut für Interrel Pädagogik and Didaktik (Mosque)
•    ZIF Zentrum für Isl Frauenforschung und Förderung  (Mosque)
•    AbuBakr Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Juedische Liberale Gemeinde Koeln Gescher LaMassoret


•    International Christian Fellowship
•    Trinity Lutheran Church
•    Church of Christ the King
•    Trinity Lutheran Church
•    Minhaj-ul-Quran International  (Mosque)
•    IKZ Frankfurt  (Mosque)
•    Tariq Bin Ziad Masjid  (Mosque)
•    Merkez Moschee  (Mosque)
•    Bismi Allah (Mosque)
•    Ateret-Zwi Synagoge
•    Baumweg Synagoge
•    Bet-Hamidrasch Röderbergweg
•    Westend-Synagogue
•    Bet-Hamidrasch Westend - Shtible


•    English Church of Saint Thomas a Becket
•    International Baptist Church
•    International United Methodist Church
•    Bangladesh Islamic Center  (Mosque)
•    Bosnische Moschee
•    Judische Gemeinde Ahernsburg Stormarn
•    Liberale Judische Gemeinde Hamburg

•    International Christian Church
•    Hanover International Bible Church
•    Union of Progressive Jews of Germany
•    Liberale Juedische Gemeinde - Hannover e.V.

•    Anglican Episcopal Mission Church

•    Covenant Fellowship Church
•    International Baptist Church
•    Mussalla An Nassiha  (Mosque)
•    Al- Maghreb Kulturverein  (Mosque)
•    Islamischer Bund  (Mosque)
•    Pak Islamic Center  (Mosque)
•    Islamisches Zentrum Stuttgart  (Mosque)

•    Immanuel Baptist Church
•    Wiesbaden Church of Christ
•    Christ Church of Wiesbaden


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Germany and Its Diverse Religious Landscape

Many immigrants will find the religion they are accustomed to back home in many of the cities of Germany. Germany has a diverse religious landscape. With a long history, there are various different places available for worship. Plenty of information is easily found online, but below are some resources for the more populated religions. Given the nature of Germany’s rich history, it is easy to understand the diverse religious choices in the country.


Christian Religions 

Christianity is the largest religious sect with the majority of the Christian population divided among: Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians. Islam is the second largest religion with 5% of the population — other major religions include: Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism. Because the English language is widespread throughout Europe, finding English-speaking churches is not as difficult with the sources found in local metropolitan cities as well as the Internet.

With many English-speaking residents, English-speaking churches are relatively easy to find in various areas of Germany. Good sources of information are local military base chaplains as they are very knowledgeable about the surrounding areas in regards to English-speaking places of worship. Some notable websites to aid in the search are as follows:

·         Catholic

·         Baptist

·         Church of Christ

·         Methodist

·         Lutheran and Non-Protestant

·         Anglican

·         Episcopal


Muslim Mosques 

Many of the Muslim mosques often represent certain countries and are conducted in the language of that country. With such as a large Muslim population in Germany, it is relatively easy to find a mosque. Utilizing the website, it will provide a list of mosques with a flag indicating the representing country.


Jewish Community

A small Jewish community can also be found in Germany. The synagogues around the country can be found via This website is more of an online magazine but it does include extensive information on local synagogues within Germany.


German Quaker Information 

The Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers, has an informational site dedicated to activities specifically in Germany. The site is The site is mainly in German but does have a section in English.


Buddhism, Hinduism and Other Religions



There are smaller communities of other religions also available in Germany. If a religion is not listed here, another resource may be to contact a local church for information before travelling to this country as local houses of worship have the information for international places of worship readily available. Some basic information is as follows.

·         Buddhism Resources

·         Hinduism Temples in Germany

·         Sikhism: Look for information in the cities of: Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart.

·         Bahai Faith


Religion in Germany is diverse and invariably there is something for everyone. Once having arrived in this land, the best resource for more detailed information are the local houses of worship, as they will have current and up-to-date information. Due to communist rule for many years especially in East Germany, the non-religious group is quite significant and many states have a non-religious majority — this is approximately a little over 30% of the population. Catholicism and Protestantism combined only account for 30% of the German population as of 20.  [...]

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The Accompanying Spouses' Support Club

Leaving your native country and moving to Germany or any other foreign location for that matter is never easy. There's the packing, the traveling, the settling in and not to mention the friends, or lack thereof. Sometimes that's the part that is missed the most. Sure, you perhaps had all these plans of going to the cafe and striking up conversation with all the locals and making tons and tons of new friends. However, it never seems to work out that way. Either the energy, after unpacking and getting the furniture into place isn't there, or you couldn't really bring yourself to talk to these strangers, not knowing if they'll respond favorably or if you'll just be standing embarrassed in your lonesome. Your spouse is off to work, the kids are playing around in kindergarten and you've done much more cleaning than what needed to be done, so what now?


The Accompanying Spouses' Support Group in Berlin. This is a great way to make new friends, a reason to get out of the house and hop on a train to some place you've never been to before. Created by people just like you, The Accompanying Spouses' Support Club is filled with people in the same situation that you find yourself in. Just like you, they started out in this unfamiliar country, wondering where to turn to in order to meet someone they could have coffee with every once in a while. With lots of members and more people joining in, there's always something going on within the group. They are very open to newcomers and welcome them wholeheartedly as they know just how frustrating it can be not having that familiarity that one is used to back home.


How do you get into this clique?


It's rather simple actually. Sign up to the toytowngermany website and find the forum The Accompanying Spouses' Support Group, post something short and sweet and wait a few minutes to see all the replies roll in, one after the other. Regular meetings are set up on the forum and a meeting point is given. Add your name to the list of people joining the meet and greet and be on your way to making lifelong friends who you'll be able to ditch the housework for. In no time, you'll be bubbling with your new found friends, sharing recipes, learning German together and most importantly, exploring Berlin.



The Accompanying Spouses' Support Group is great. It has brought so many people together and allowed them to feel at home in a world that seemed so strange, so new, so mysterious. They'll help you to get acquainted with all the unfamiliar things, they'll let you in on little secrets about the area, and you'll always have someone to call on when the days at home feel too long and drawn out. You'll have people who know exactly what you're going through, because they too have either gone through it, or are going through it right along with you. [...]

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