Telephone & utilities in Germany

School Vacations in Germany

After the young ones have gotten integrated into the school system in Germany and have been working hard towards good grades, it's nice to know that they do get to rest and also enjoy the beauty of Germany. No matter where children are, they look forward to vacations. They'll certainly miss their friends and even the wonderful teachers who have been nourishing their brains for the past couple of weeks or months, but they will indeed be happy to have some time off school.

So when are these school  vacation days?


-        Winter Holidays: February st- 8th

-        Easter Holidays: April 2th - 26th

-        Ascension Day &Whit Sunday: May 2nd & May 30th - 3st

-        Summer Holidays: July 9th – August 3st

-        Fall Holidays: October 8th – November st

-        Christmas Holidays: December 20th – January 3rd


-        Winter Holidays: January 3st & March 3rd - 4th

-        Easter Holidays: April 28th – May 2nd

-        Ascension Day &Whit Sunday: May 30th

-        Summer Holidays: July 0th – August 20th

-        Fall Holidays: October 3th - 24th

-        Christmas Holidays: December 22nd – January 6th



Lower Saxony

-        Winter Holidays: January 30th - 3st

-        Easter Holidays: April 3rd - 22nd

-        Ascension Day &Whit Sunday: May 2nd - 30th & June 0th

-        Summer Holidays: July 3st – September 0th

-        Fall Holidays: October 27th – November 8th

-        Christmas Holidays: December 22nd – January 5th

Baden Württemberg

-        Winter Holidays: --

-        Easter Holidays: April 4th - 25th

-        Ascension Day &Whit Sunday: June 0th - 2st

-        Summer Holidays: July 3st – September 3th

-        Fall Holidays: October 27th - 3st

-        Christmas Holidays: December 22th – January 5th


-        Winter Holidays: March 3rd - 7th

-        Easter Holidays: April 4th - 26th

-        Ascension Day &Whit Sunday: June 0th - 2st

-        Summer Holidays: July 30th – September 5th

-        Fall Holidays: October 27th - 3st

-        Christmas Holidays: December 24th – January 5th

Mecklenburg- Vorpommern

-        Winter Holidays: February 3rd - 5th

-        Easter Holidays: April 3rd – March 25th

-        Ascension Day &Whit Sunday: June 6th - 0th

-        Summer Holidays: July 4th – August 23rd

-        Fall Holidays: October 4th - 9th

-        Christmas Holidays: December 23rd – January 3rd

Nordrhein- Westfallen

-        Winter Holidays: --

-        Easter Holidays: April 4th - 26th

-        Ascension Day &Whit Sunday: June 0th

-        Summer Holidays: July 7th – August 9th

-        Fall Holidays: October 27th – November 8th

-        Christmas Holidays: December 22nd – January 5th

Rheinland- Pfalz

-        Winter Holidays: --

-        Easter Holidays: April th - 25th

-        Ascension Day &Whit Sunday: --

-        Summer Holidays: July 28th – September 5th

-        Fall Holidays: October 20th - 3st

-        Christmas Holidays: December 22nd – January 7th


-        Winter Holidays: February 7th - 22nd

-        Easter Holidays: April 9th – May st

-        Ascension Day &Whit Sunday: May 30th

-        Summer Holidays: July 2st – August 29th

-        Fall Holidays: October 6th - 8th

-        Christmas Holidays: December 22nd – January 3rd[...]

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Phone, Internet, and Cellular Service in Germany

After you move to Germany, one of the first things you are going to want to do is get your phone and internet set up. Telephone and internet service should not be too difficult to set up.


There are many phone plans and options available to you in Germany; however most of those plans will not have information or customer service available in English. If you do not know any German, then you may want to search for a plan that provides services in English.

There are two types of telephone service for you to choose from in Germany. There is the standard analog phone service and the Integrated Services Digital Network, or ISDN. Both services support DSL service, so that does not need to be a deciding factor for you.

You can purchase your phone plan at one of the many retail locations throughout Germany. Most of those locations also offer internet and cell phone service, so you can cover everything in one stop.

Be prepared to deal with your customer service, bills, and email or mail from your phone company entirely in German. Also, with your bill, be sure to request an itemized bill because you will not automatically receive one. Before you sign your contract, read it over to make sure there are not any hidden fees attached. Many phone companies are going paperless, so you can opt to receive your bill via email.

Phones and phone accessories from the United States and Canada are illegal in Germany because of issues with the radio signals they use. It would be beneficial to you to purchase your phone and phone accessories in Germany.

Lastly, before you purchase your phone and plan, check with your landlord about the wiring in the house in case there are any requirements or issues.


Dial-up service is available in Germany. Dial-up is slow and unreliable, however some areas are not yet wired for high speed internet, in which case it may be your only option.

Germany also has broadband, with many different DSL plans and download speeds available for you. Unlike the dial-up service, which charges by the minute, DSL is available for a flat rate depending on which download speed you choose.

Be cautious of advertised bargains and deals because there could be all kinds of little fees hidden in the small print.

Cell Phones

Germany has many annual and pre-paid plans available for cell phone service. Phones from outside of Germany could have roaming charges, which could get really expensive. Your best bet would be to get a cell phone and plan in Germany. Most plans offer a flat rate for calls, text messaging, and data. Incoming calls on cell phones are free, however outgoing calls are not, so be aware of those charges. Also, check your contract for hidden fees before signing a contract. Be sure to get a head set as well, as driving while talking on the phone is illegal.


There are many options available to you for your home phone, internet, and cell phone service. Do a quick internet search or talk to your friends and coworkers to find what the best options are in your area.[...]

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DSL Internet service providers in Germany

Having found an apartment in Germany there are quite a few things you'll need in order to feel settled in. You've probably already bought furniture or rented them from a furniture rental company. The electricity and gas have been taken care of. But now, instead of having to use your phone's data plan for internet, you looking at getting internet in your new home. There are quite a few DSL Internet Service providers to choose from. In the case that you're fairly new to Germany, you're probably interested in knowing which ones are good and what price you can expect to pay. For those only staying in Germany for a few months, it's definitely worth looking into a plan that doesn't require you to sign a minimum contract. These contracts are usually 2 month to 24 month contracts and are relatively difficult to terminate. Do thorough research and ensure that you get the deal that best suits your needs.


Who are the DSL Internet Service Providers and what do they offer?




-        No installation cost (special)

-        Free WLAN router

-        Available without contract. Cancel 4 weeks before the end of the month.

-        Free calling to German landlines

-        Prices from 4.99 to 39.98 € per month



-        3 month minimum contract length

-        rental of WLAN router, .95 € per month

-        Prices start at 9.95 € per month



-        Internet flatrate

-        WLAN modem

-        WLAN router

-        24/7 customer service

-        24 month contract

-        Prices start at 9.99 € per month



-        Free calling to German landlines

-        2 month contract

-        WLAN router

-        Prices start at 29.95 € per month


Kabel Deutschland

-        Free WLAN router

-        time installation fee 39.90 € per month

-        24 month contract

-        Price start at 9.90 € per month


When it comes to finding an internet provider there's quite the variety. The price for each provider lies between 4.99 and 30 € per month which is fairly reasonable. However, it is important to ensure that you thoroughly read and comprehend any contract that you are provided with, before signing. Kabel Deutschland is especially difficult to terminate regardless of a change in address or moving out of the country. So be very careful and know just how long you plan on staying in Germany, because if you do leave early, you may end up paying for their services for as long as your contract had stated. Expats tend to prefer O2 because of its flexibility, affordability and the fact that only one month notice needs to be given in order to cancel their services. Take very good care of the devices you are given from your chosen internet service provider. They do often, require that you return routers and other devices once your contract comes to an end. These will need to be packaged and either dropped off at one of their offices or mailed. Not returning the required devices may result in a hefty fee. [...]

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Mobile Phone Service When Traveling to Germany.

One of your main concerns when traveling to Germany, after the accommodation, transportation and flight has been taken care of, is being able to call home. Whether or not your cell phone may work in Germany perhaps scares you a bit because there may be one or two phone calls that you can't afford to miss. If you're traveling without your family, you'll want to ensure that they'll be able to contact you just to say hello, or to update you on any emergencies that may arise. Traveling for a short time, whether its vacation or a business meeting, it seems unnecessary to spend money on a new phone and a new contract, when you'll only be needing it for a few weeks or a month at the most. Fortunately there are quite a few solutions that will enable you to keep regular contact with your family and associates back home, while not having to shell out ridiculous amounts of cash in order to do so.


Will your current cellphone work in Germany?



Perhaps. This all depends on the frequency of your phone. Cellphones that are quad band or tri band should have no problems when it comes to functionality in Germany. If you to have a phone that is equipped with the right frequencies you will be able to both make as well as receive phone calls from your cellphone when in Germany. Check with your service provider to see what prices are applied for roaming. Roaming is usually rather expensive and so you may opt for a more cost efficient alternative. SIM cards are available at most electronic stores as well as grocery stores and gas stations. This is usually a lot cheaper than roaming. Be sure to check the prices for international calls before you have purchase a SIM card to ensure that you are getting the best deal to call home.


Should I rent a cellphone?


Renting a cell phone is another way to prevent all the costs that come with roaming as well as the necessity to buy a new phone which you'll only need for your stay in Germany. Cellphones can be rented at the airport,however, they are typically a lot more expensive than renting one online.


Buying a German cellphone?


Buying a German cellphone is a great option for those staying in Germany for a longer duration of time or planning on traveling frequently to and from Germany. You can opt for a cellphone that has a contract. Contracts are usually 24 months and offer a wide selection of cellphones to choose from; some phones may be free of cost with a contract. Phones purchased on a contract tend to have SIM lock   and therefore unless jailbroken, only SIM cards from the same provider will work.


Weigh your options and figure out which route is the best and most cost efficient one to take. With video chat services like Skype, communicating with family and friends in another country is a lot easier and more personable. Taking advantage of these free opportunities may be a smart choice and can save you a lot of money that you would otherwise be spending on international phone calls. [...]

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Internet and Phone Service in Germany

Just like the rest of the world, there are a number of options for telephone and Internet service in Germany.


Phone Service

While residing in Germany, most people have land lines in addition to their for cell phones. Cell phones are obtained in one of three ways: pre-paid service, monthly payment plans and a one-time prepayment renewable at your discretion. Be aware that cell phones which are on a contract basis in Germany are generally on a 24 month contract. When you relocate to Germany, it is highly likely that your current cell phone will not work there. Remember that, like American pre-paid phones with SIM cards, those available in Germany are locked and only a SIM card from the same service provider will work in them. You cannot simply remove your American SIM and place it in a German cell phone.



Internet in Germany is as widely available as it is in America. You can choose a DSL line or broadband service through cable television providers. In addition, there are large areas where public Wi-Fi is free and readily available.


If you choose a landline telephone, it is sometimes less expensive to bundle your internet service and telephone together. Most cell phone providers include Wi-Fi service with your phone. Allin all, telephone and internet services in Germany are not all that different from what you are accustomed to.



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Cellphones Handys Mobiles in Germany

Keep in touch with your family back home. Get a phone contract that is both full functioning and affordable.

Moving to Germany? Leaving friends and family behind is hard enough, not being able to communicate with them only makes the transition harder. The majority of cellphones and cell phone providers in the United States and Asian countries do not work in Germany and thus it is essential to be knowledgeable about what Germany has to offer.


Cell phones, or “handys”, as they’re referred to in Germany, are operated on a GSM network, which is solely based in Europe. If you would prefer to continue using your cellphone in Germany, getting a removable SIM card is something to consider. This takes away the hassle of purchasing a new plan and a new cellphone. Unfortunately, you’ll need to make sure your phone is unlocked or “jail-break” it before inputting a new card.


SIM cards can be purchased in a variety of different locations. Grocery stores such as Kaufland and Aldi tend to carry SIM cards usually close to the checkout area. They are also available at almost any electronic store, including Media Markt and Saturn. SIM cards generally come with optional data packages that are relatively low-cost. Both Media Markt and Saturn are established German franchises and can be found in almost any major city.


Bring official identification with you, such as a drivers license or passport as some places may require you to present this when purchasing a SIM card.


Reputable SIM card providers for affordable international calling:

·     lebara.deFound at kiosks and private cellphone shops, lebara is known to offer decent prices on international calling and thus provides a great way for expats to keep in contact with their family and friends at home, and do so both frequently and cost-effectively.

·     LycaMobile: This carrier offers cheap and in some cases free phone calls to other LycaMobilecustomers, also applicable for international calling.

·     Ortel: With costs as low as -3 cents for international phone calls, Ortel is very reasonably priced.


Service providers like T-Mobile, Vodafone,E-Plus, and O2 are your best bet if you’re in the market for a new phone and plan—And are often covered in employer moving expenses!  GSM cell phone rentals are often your best bet when it comes to affordable and flexible cellphone packages. It is an ideal option for people planning a short stay in Germany or for those who take frequent business trips to this beautiful country.  Don't dampen your stay with a ridiculous phone bill. Be aware of the price of calling home and review your options when deciding on a cellphone provider. .  

In fact, here are some great options for staying in touch with friends and family that don’t involve spending a dime:

·     Skype—This video messaging and instant messaging service is free!  With a good wi-fi connection you'll be able to see and communicate with loved once throughout the world.

·     Facetime for iPhones—This video messaging service is already installed on iPhones, and only needs an Internet connection to chat!

·     Google Hangout--Again, just get on your laptop or Android phone and have a video or instant message chat with anyone at any time!


What other call or chat options have you used and can recommend?  Let us know![...]

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