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Preschools, Playgroups, Playschools and Kindergartens in Munich.


Preschools, Playgroups, Playschools and Kindergartens in Munich.


One great thing about Germany is that they have lots of places where children can spend their days and get to play with others their own age. Preschools, playschools, playgroups are very easy to find and more than likely you'll have one not located too far away from your home. Young children need to be able to interact with other children as a part of the learning and growing process. Especially for English speaking children with parents whose only language is English it's necessary that they get exposed to German and learn the language while they are in Germany. You will be amazed at how fast they pick things up and in just a matter of time your child will be bilingual.


The staff working in these groups are usually very friendly and attentive. They won't hesitate to tell you all about your child's day and ensure you that everything is okay. More than likely at the beginning you will have to accompany your child and help him or her to ease into the environment. This part of the system is great as rather than leaving your child in a strange environment on the very first day, you get to ease them in step by step and soon enough, they will be having too much fun to realize you have left. This is also great for the parents as they get an idea of what the day to day activities are like in the group and they also get to know the people who will be looking after their child for a large portion of the day better.


Some  Preschools Playschools, Playgroups and Kindergartens also offer both English and German and so your child will be able to keep practicing his or her native language. Most of these groups will have both native English and native German speakers.



Here are some great Preschools Playschools, Playgroups and Kindergartens in the Munich area.


Name: English Montessori Preschool
Address: Perhamerstr. 49, Munich
Telephone number: 089 5460855




Name: International Montessori English Speaking Pre-School e.V.
854 München




Name: Gymboree Play & Music München
Address: Forum Bogenhausen
Richard-Strauss-Strasse 80, 8679 München
Telephone number: 089 2323 2996
Email address:


Name: Rainbow Preschool
Address: Joseph-Retzer-Str., Munich
Telephone number: 0842 506485

Email address:




Name: Chocolate Butterflies e.V.
Address: Gaissacherstr. 2, Munich
Telephone Number: 089 7460700
Email address:



Name: Munich Mommies and Munchkins
Munich, Germany
Telephone number: 0522 766 3746
Email address:



Name: Kinderhaus Laterne
Address: Balanstr. 36
8539 München

Telephone number: 089 4 527 73

Email address:


Name: International House for Kids
Address: Nymphenburger Str. 20
80636 München

Telephone number: 089 27 3 64

Email address:



Name: Elly und Stoffel

Address: Röntgenstraße 5
8679 Munich
Telephone number: +49 (89)  66 66 33 99 - 5
E-Mail Address:









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International Schools Bonn

International Schools Bonn


One of the great things about living in Bonn is the existence of phenomenal education. Many expats dread the change that will overcome their child when uprooting and integrating into the German society. With a large number of expatriate children having no German language experience prior to moving to Germany, school can be a scary thing. However, international schools lighten the stress as it reassures parents that their children will not be held behind due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of the German language.


Most international schools in Germany use English as their language of instruction. This, however, does not mean that the students who attend international schools do have the opportunity to learn German. Classes are set and designed in a way to give children an equal balance while still allowing them to excel in their native language. The environment in international schools is a lot different from that of a public German school. For starters there is the fact that the class sizes are significantly smaller. This means that each student's voice gets heard, and no one gets lost in the mix. Parents are typically more active in international schools and PTA's are large amongst the parents. Being able to know how one's child is integrating into the new system is important for parents. International schools pride themselves on being able to provide parents with that security and thus in a sense, not only integrate the students into the school environment, but also the parents.


The Independent Bonn International School


Founded in 963, the Independent Bonn International School is a school that provides education for students from all over the globe. Being the oldest international school in Bonn means that the Independent Bonn International School has a lot of experience when it comes to educating children from all backgrounds. The base language of the school is English but German is also an essential part of the curriculum. IBIS is also great in that it follows a curriculum that allows easy integration into the German school system provided that at some point a parent wants to change their child's school.


 The Bonn International School


With less than a thousand students and slightly over 70 teachers, the Bonn International School provides a great, lively atmosphere where students can acquire exceptional education. Following the International Baccalaureate course of study means that the Bonn International School provides children with a high level of education that is universally recognized.  Students will also have the opportunity to take the PSAT and SAT and though English is the primary language, German classes are also of high importance. Once a student is approaching graduation, counseling is provided to help them with their applications and decisions on which universities to consider. The staff at the Bonn International School has the student's best interest in mind and work with them to help them bring out their best and achieve their goals.




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International School in Seeheim

International School in Seeheim


Why choose an international school?


You've landed in Seeheim either for work or personal preference and now it's time to get the kids and their backpacks together and have them putting their brains to work. But what school will they go to? Provided you are an English speaking family, you'll perhaps want to ensure that your child practices his or her English. Especially if you are planning on returning home at some point in time, you'll want to ensure that your child doesn't lose their native language in the process of integrating into the German system. International schools are a great option. Not only will your child be carrying out their studies in English but also in German. Most International Schools offer a great mix of both languages and so you can be sure that your child will pick up German in no time at all, kids are in fact fast learners.


But of course you won't want to be sending your child to a school only because of the languages offer. You'll want to ensure that the overall education is great and that the atmosphere is just right. Your child will be spending the majority of his or her day in school and thus comfort is essential. You'll want them to have fun and feel like they belong. There's no fun in having to drag a child kicking and screaming to school every day and worrying about their happiness all day long.


The transition is a big one, and the would have left behind all their old friends to tackle this new country with you so you will want to ensure that they come out happy and victorious.


The Schuldorf-Bergstraße and the State International School (SISS)


Founded in 2005, the State International School Seeheim is relatively young. This is a wonderful public school located in Seeheim where German and English are the main languages practiced but English remains the primary instructional language. The staff consists of both native English and native German speakers and the children get a good mix of both languages. The class sizes are rather small with a maximum of twenty students per class. Starting from preschool SISS educates up to Secondary school.


Students who attend SISS will be subject to the International Primary Curriculum where they will be adequately prepared to succeed for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and also the International Baccalaureate or depending on their preference the German Abitur (German high school diploma). This school is a great option as parents will not have to pay high fees for the quality education their child will be receiving. SISS is indeed a public school which means there are no costs outside of the monthly 300 euros for after school care. Student will also receive meals and be able to partake in extracurricular activities.



For more information on SISS check out their website at:


Be sure to give them a call and schedule a date where you and your child can visit the facilities. [...]

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Language schools and courses in Berlin.

Language schools and courses in Berlin.



Having completed your move to Berlin, it's important that you learn the language in order to be able to better communicate as well as to make new friends in your community. There are many options when it comes to learning German in Berlin. You can opt for a private tutor, join an intensive language course, find a tandem partner, buy Rosetta Stone, or join a speaking group. The options are limitless. However, the majority of people prefer finding an actual course, with a school like setting that they can attend. Most of these are hosted by an organization that hires native German speakers, who solely speak German in order to get you better acquainted with the language, and used to hearing it.


Popular options for language courses in Germany include:


The Goethe Institut

The Goethe Institut is a great place to learn German. They offer beginners course as well as advanced courses at a very reasonable price. With very pleasant staff, and exciting excursions, you'll be able to have wonderful conversations and experience the German culture while learning the language.



The class sizes at Prolog are generally bigger and the atmosphere leans more towards the school environment. They offer a wide variety of specialized German courses for both beginners and more advanced German speakers. Some of the groups Prolog hosts include those that focus on business language others focusing on the German culture. A class is also available for those over 50 years of age.



With small class sizes, and a friendly environment, Akkusativ prides themselves on the high quality education they offer. The German teachers who are hired by Akkusativ have years of experience teaching the language. The location of this language school is also a big plus for attendees as it is within close proximity to lots of cafes and restaurants.


Die Neue Schule


Die Neue Schule offers different levels of German language courses, from beginner level, leading up to C2. At Die Neue Schule you have the opportunity to between evening lessons, intensive course, extra intensive courses, beginners courses, as well as one on one lessons.




Sprachantelier offers small class sizes ranging from 2-4 students. Offering Intensive courses, evening courses, preparation for German language tests, summer courses and one on one lessons, this language school has a lot of options to choose from. Discounts are applicable for those who enroll for extended courses.


Know how much you want to spend on your language course because some of them can be rather pricey, though they do tend to offer discounts to people who enroll for a long period of time. Know how much time you want to spend each day, and also how long you are willing to commit to the program.  Find a course that fits well with your schedule to avoid having to miss too many classes and pay for something that you won't be able to fully benefit from.  Joining a language school is a great way to make new friends, experience different cultures and most importantly, learn German.[...]

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Bavarian International School

Bavarian International School



Bavaria is a beautiful city and those who live here love the fact that it's within such close proximity to Austria and Switzerland as well as the fact that it is home to two amazing international schools. Once the kids are off on holidays you'll be able to explore Europe a little more without having to travel too far. Skiing is just one of the wonderful options you'll have available.


Lots of expat decide where in Bavaria they will be living based on the school their child will be attending. This is because whereas they will be able to travel to and from work with their car, they want to ensure that their children can also get to school quickly and safely.


Coming from an English speaking country, you will perhaps prefer to send your child to a school where one of the main instructional languages is English. This will offer you the security that your child will continue to practice his or her English and that there are no complications and setbacks in school if you do at some point decide to move back to your native country.


The two international schools in Bavaria are the Bavaria International School and the Munich International School.


Bavaria International School

·         Opened in  99

·         The main instructional language is English

·         School premises surrounded by forest and woods

·         Main school is in a castle- Schloss Heimhausen

·         Students from 45 different nations

·         School buses available for students

·         Primary to Secondary school

·         International Baccalaureate Program

·         Approximately 000 students enrolled

·         Accredited by both the Council of International Schools as well as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges

·         The Bavaria International School costs between 500 and 5 600 euros

·         The registration fee is 500 euros


Munich International School

·         English language

·         Available to students from four years of age to eight years of age

·         International Baccalaureate Program

·         Accredited by both the Council of International Schools as well as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges

·         Transportation available to pick students up and drop them off at the end of the school day

·         A late bus is available for students participating in after school activities

·         The food provided to students are 00% organic

·         Track and field as well as a soccer field are being constructed

·         Tuition ranges from 3 40 to 6 800 euros

·         The entrance fee is 7 000 euros

Both the Bavaria International School (BIS) and the Munich International School (MIS) are exceptional private institutions which offer excellent education to students. They are both popular choices amongst the expatriate population as well as within the German population who wish to have their children speaking English at a young age. It may be wise to schedule a visit with the schools to get a better feel of the environment before making your decision.







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International Schools in Hamburg


International Schools in Hamburg


There are many reasons why parents opt for an international school for their children rather than sending them to a school that is solely German based. Especially for parents who have moved from an English speaking nation, it is important to know that their child is in an environment where they don't feel lost and overwhelmed. For older English speaking children, the integration into a school where German is the only spoken language may be a difficult one. Parents may also choose to send their younger children to an International school in order to ensure that they don't forget their mother language. Regardless of your reason, choosing to go with an International school is a great idea, as your child will be learning in not one, but two languages, and possibly more as they get older.



Two renowned international schools in Hamburg include: The International School of Hamburg (ISH) and Phorms Education Campus Hamburg.


The list below will help to familiarize you with these two schools:



International School of Hamburg:


-        Founded in 957

-        Primary School to year 2

-        Offers the International Baccalaureate Program

-        The majority of courses are taught in English

-        Rather pricey

-        Model United Nations Course

-        Extra curricular activities including: music, arts, drama, tennis, football, basketball, swimming, golf.

The International School of Hamburg has a strong history and a great reputation. They take education seriously and ensure that your child is performing to the best of his or her ability. Parents are usually very pleased with the friendliness of the staff and the ability to easily find out about their child's progress. Class sizes are generally small and allows for students to have a high level of interaction with their teachers as well as becoming familiar with them. Though the classes are mainly in English, this isn't to say that students won't or do not learn German. The program is bilingual, and thus they do acquire an impeccable education in both languages.


Phorms Education Campus Hamburg:


-        Founded in 2008

-        Classes in English and German

-        Preschool to year 4

-        Plans to open secondary school

-        Play based learning for children 3-5 years of age

-        Uses the Cambridge International Primary Programme in certain subject areas

Phorms Education, having been founded in 2008 is a fairly new school. It is however, a great school, with a bright, caring, friendly atmosphere where children can easily feel comfortable and parents can feel at ease leaving their children. Tuition is more affordable than the International School of Hamburg, put is still on the expensive side when compared to the free education at public schools. Phorms Education is a great addition to the International Schools in Hamburg and helps to meet the high demand for schools where children can learn both German and English from a young age and develop perfect communication in both languages.

Expats should always consider if their company covers the cost of schooling for their children, as this may ease some of the financial burden when choosing an international school.[...]

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