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Rental Furniture in Germany - the Smart Alternative for Expats

The popularity of rental furniture companies in Germany is rapidly increasing. With places like  Furniture Leasing Corporation  adequately supplying expats furniture and appliance needs, there's even less of a reason to get tied up buying furniture that you'll only need for a couple of months. Having access to furniture rental companies means that expatriates can avoid having to ship their furniture from home to Germany, thus saving them a lot of money and time. This is also true with buying furniture, where when expats have to return home, they can possible experience a great deal of difficulty trying to get rid of the furniture they have accumulated during their time in Germany. 

Using a rental furniture company is easy, inexpensive and takes away a lot of pressure that may come with the other means of acquiring furniture. What often surprises expats is the trouble they have finding a furnished apartment. The lack of furnished apartments is perhaps due to the fact that Germans don't tend to move very often. Once they find a home, they usually stay for years and years, pushing down the demand for furnished apartments. If they do happen to move after having spent a long time in their previous home, they likelihood is high that they carry all their old furniture with them, thus diminishing the need for furnished apartments once again. 



So on the search for an apartment in Germany, you'll notice that some of the apartments that are available, do not come with a fitted kitchen as this also fits into the unfurnished category. Rental furniture companies lighten that burden as well. Even if you are having the majority of your furniture shipped from your home country, taking out your kitchen is perhaps one of those things you didn't plan for, and possible wouldn't even consider. Renting a kitchen is a lot more economic than buying one for a short period of time. Buying a kitchen poses huge problems when you decide to relocate. Some have luck selling their kitchen to the renters who come after them, others are able to sell through advertising, and some either end up stuck with the kitchen, or having to leave it in the apartment for free. With a rental furniture company, you won't even have to worry about delivery and pick up, as they take care of everything for you, making it a more relaxed process.

Renting furniture is a very convenient option that expats are happy to take advantage of. With Germany's  increasing popularity as a relocation site for expats, both on long term contracts as well as short term contracts, rental furniture makes the transition an easier and less expensive one. Whatever it is that is needed, from furniture to appliances and even decorations, expats have the flexibility to design a package that fits their furniture needs and pay on a monthly basis. [...]

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Looking for an Apartment in Germany – 3 Tips for Expats

Not trying to make it sound such an impossible task, but for an expat, looking for an apartment in Germany is indeed comparable to the tasks of Hercules. It is definitely an ordeal you may not want to go through and for many, it is a horrible experience best left untold. But why is looking for an apartment in Germany a horrible experience? Are there any insider tips an expat can use when looking for an apartment in Germany? We have compiled a list of 3 tips you can use when looking for an apartment in Germany and reasons for each one. Brace yourself and read on:

Tip # – You Need to Understand German

You do not need to be native level but a good understanding of German is very important, either that or find a German colleague or friend to help you. Why? Because looking for an apartment in Germany means you need to read the ads in the local paper which are of course written in German. You can’t find ads in the internet, it is often in the local papers, and if not, you might hear of it from someone who is a local, so knowing some German terms for finding an apartment in Germany is really essential. Here are some terms which you need to know as a start:


  • Mieter = tenant (that’s you!)
  • Vermieter = landlord
  • Miete = Rental fee that you pay
  • Kaution = security deposit
  • Zimmer = number of rooms. Be wary of this though, a 3 zimmerwohnung might look to you like a 3 bedroom house but in Germany, the number of rooms pertains to the living room, the dining room, and any other room. It is only the bathroom and the kitchen which are not part of the count. So a 3 zimmer means a wohnung with a kitchen and bathroom (toilet might be separate from the bathroom), one bedroom, and the dining room and living room, far from the 3 bedroom you imagined.
  • Wohnung = house or apartment
  • Bauhjar = the year that the house or apartment was built. Usually in ads, this is abbreviated to BJ.
  • QM = square meters area of the wohnung
  • Du = the shower (which means only the shower and no toilet or bath tub)
  • Bad = the bath tub (does not come with shower)
  • WC = toilet

Tip # 2 – You Need the Help of an Agent

Not a secret agent, a real estate agent! Why? Because in major cities in Germany, it is nearly next to the impossible to find an apartment up for grabs if you don’t have an agent. More so, your German real estate agent has super powers that neither you nor your helpful friend or colleague has. Finding an apartment on your own can take months, but with the help of an agent, the time will be significantly reduced, just be prepared to pay up though.

Tip # 3 – You Have to Make Sure You Can Handle it Financially

Ah the fees. Lets see, if you found the apartment on your own, your vermieter may ask you for 2-3 months of kaution (see, you are already learning German here), plus a month’s rent. If you have an agent, be prepared to pay -2 months rent plus 9% vat apart from what you need to pay your vermieter. Take note that an unfurnished apartment does not have anything, not even lights or a sink, so that’s more punches to your bank account. Whew! Looking for an apartment in Germany will leave your wallet weeping for sure!

That’s it expats! The 3 tips when looking for an apartment in Germany. While it may seem that moving to Germany is a lot of work, you might be surprised at how much you might like the country. In fact, you may not want to go back to your home country after settling in. Cheers to your Germany Adventures![...]

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Buying Furniture in Germany – Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Hate It

Part of being an expat is of course buying furniture in Germany, and this is the source of woe and nightmare for many. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 Reasons Why You Will Hate Buying Furniture in Germany. Read an on enjoy this insider’s knowledge:

. Delivery is from 2-6 months when buying furniture in Germany.


If you are someone who is used to buying furniture and getting out of the store with it, this is a near next to impossible thing in Germany. Usually, when buying furniture here, the furniture is made after you’ve placed your order. Yes, you got that right, most furniture are only made when someone orders them. This is why it takes at least 8 weeks for the simplest of pieces up to 6 months in the most extreme and difficult of pieces.

2. Buying furniture in Germany comes with a mix-up of sizes.

Not to complicate matters more but beds in Germany may not be the same size you are accustomed to at home. Often a king size in Germany is only a queen in any other country. The sizing mix-up can also be seen in cabinets, tables, and even the refrigerator and cars. Things are smaller in Germany compared to how things are in say, North America.

3. There is often no turning back when buying furniture in Germany.

Beware of the fine print folks! If in your home country you can cancel within a certain time after placing an order, it is not the same thing in Germany! There is almost no way to cancel, and if there is, the amount of paperwork and the fee you have to pay makes it not worth the trouble.

4. Refunds when buying furniture in Germany comes for a hefty price.

Ah refunding your money… Sounds good eh? Well, for refunds, you will be lucky if the store only asks you for 25% of the price of the product you wanted to buy. This applies even if you cancel just hours or the day after placing the order. And in case you have not paid yet? The furniture company will find a way to charge you a certain fee which would make you wish you just bought the furniture in the first place.

5. Buying furniture in Germany is very expensive.

It might be as expensive as Switzerland, but buying furniture in Germany is certainly expensive for those with a limited budget. Combined with the fact that you need to wait for a very long time before you’ll even get to use your furniture, wouldn’t it be wiser to look for other options like leasing furniture instead?

In case you still decided that you still wanted to buy your furniture in Germany, at least you would have an idea of the things that you’ll have to face. Don’t say we didn’t warn you![...]

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Germany Adventures - 25 Signs to Know You Spent Time in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany is definitely one of the must see stops when you are in the country. The vibe of the place, the sights and sounds, the history, and everything else makes for a great experience in Germany, be it for tourists or expats alike. So how do you know when you spent quite a bit of time in Hamburg? Read on and see what signs are starting to manifest in you.

You Know You Spent Time in Hamburg as an Expat When:

.       You have started to think of beer as food. In fact, it replaced milk in your dictionary for being a complete food.


2.       You have memorized the bus and train times and can recite them even when you’re asleep.

3.       You have become obsessed about recycling. You also think this fact about Hamburg rocks.

4.       You become extremely worried when the train is a minute late.

5.       You have now gone semi FKK and thinks anyone who is not at least half naked at the beach is highly abnormal.

6.       You don’t say hello when answering a call anymore and have now started answering calls with a curt enunciation of your last name.

7.       You think making fun of Holland or the Netherlands is cute, especially about football.

8.       You start thinking anyone below 25 with a baby is way too young, in fact, you practically view them as children too after staying in Hamburg.

9.       You now take the question “how are you?” seriously. You feel that you need to give the asker a thorough run-down of your mental health.

0.   You start thinking that someone who smiles is rude.

.   You also start getting suspicious when someone is smiling at you.

2.   You’ve also begun thinking that anyone who smiles is either a tourist, an American, insane, or an insane American tourist.

3.   You now develop an obsession into defeating Bavaria at any sport.

4.   You’ve begun thinking that all psychics should be octopi.

5.   You start thinking that anyone who says sorry is a tourist, and not just any tourist, a weird, rude tourist.

6.   You have ceased to think football exists, it is now soccer.

7.   You think winter is a year- long affair and you’re even carry a mini ice scraper together with your mobile phone.

8.   You have become a full carnivore, eating meat at all 3 main meals of the day.

9.   You think it is normal to ride a Mercedes every day.

20.   You have begun having jager with every meal. In fact, 8 glasses a day ceased to refer to water, to you, it now refers to jager.

2.   You have become a stickler for rules and live life as straight as a ruler.

22.   You now have highlighters and a ruler whenever you read, and yes, even for porn.

23.   You have become accustomed to people bumping at you on the train station and now thinks it is your civic responsibility to do the same.

24.   You now think it is normal for children to drink beer and smoke cigarettes.

25.   You now think that a guy who wears waterproof mascara are cool.

There you have it, the 25 Signs to Know You Spent Time in Hamburg as an Expat. If you are manifesting more than half of what is listed here, then you might be turning into a Hamburg native! Enjoy your adventures in Germany and bookmark this site for more Germany Adventures and Hamburg tales. [...]

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Germany Adventures - 10 Amazing Facts About Munich Germany

Munich is certainly one of the most established and oldest European cities, being the capital of Bavaria and now heralded as the secret capital of Germany. But how well does the average tourist or expat knows the place? Read on the 0 Must Know Facts and be dazzled at how much this city has to offer.

Fact # – Munich is the Home of Oktoberfest

This just have to be number one, as it is simply a sin to be in Munich and not know that it’s the home of this very much celebrated beer festival.

Fact # 2 – The River Isar Serves as the Oasis of Munich

Being the main river, Isar breathes life into the city and nourishes the surrounding area, making it the soul of Munich in a way. Jogging or riding a bike along the river or having a barbecue along the banks are all favourite local pasttimes.

Fact # 3 – Munich Is Named After Monks

The native name of the city is "München" which is from the German word "Mönche” which means "Monks". Hmmm, wonder what the monks has to say about it being the home of Oktoberfest.

Fact # 4 – The Oldest and Largest Science Museum is in Munich

The Deutsches Museum is so big that no matter how fast you go through the exhibits, you simply cannot view everything in a single day. Now, that’s more reason to stay longer in town!

Fact # 5 – Munich Offers Riding Down a Mountain on a Sledge

The Blomberg Mountain offers visitors the adrenalin rush of riding down a mountain on a sledge, even if winter is long gone. On top of that, the beautiful scenery is something every nature lover with an adventurous spirit will surely relish.

Fact # 6 – A Donut Shaped UFO is Permanently Parked at Munich

Okay, the Allianz Arena is not a real donut shaped UFO but it sure looks like one, especially when seen from the air when your plane is about to land at the airport. This marvel of engineering can even change colours, sometimes being lighted white, blue, or red depending on which Munich soccer team is playing.

Fact # 7 – Munich Has the Only BMW Museum in the World

This is an attraction that anyone who loves car and speed will enjoy. Visitors may test drive simulation vehicles at the museum and immerse themselves on learning the history of the BMW.

Fact # 8 – Relive the 972 Olympics at Olympia in Munich

The Olympia was constructed for the 972 Olympic games, but it is still very much buzzing and alive up to this day. Besides being a venue for artistic expression, there are also athletic festivals being held in here. How would you like to swim in the Olympic pool? Or Ski just like an Olympian? You can do that here at the Olympia.

Fact # 9 – Munich is the Birthplace of River Surfing



You can’t visit the place without paying a short visit to Eisbach to see river surfers. This would be the only place in the world where you can see river surfers in the middle of the city’s park.

Fact # 0 – Munich is the 2nd Leading Financial Hub in Germany

Housing the second most important financial hub in Germany, and definitely one of the top 0 most important in all of Europe, Munich is one of the places to be if one wants to build a career as a financial expert.

Isn’t getting to know Munich more exciting now that you know some incredible facts about it? If you are already in Germany, make sure you don’t miss out on spending some time in this historic city of the old world and modern world. It is truly a place where the old and the new converges, resulting in an irresistible mix of flavour for any traveller.[...]

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Germany Adventures - 10 Must Know Facts About Frankfurt

Any tourist or expat to Germany have no doubt heard of Frankfurt, and it is not surprising. Frankfurt is one of the oldest cities in Europe with a vast array of surprises and offerings for every visitor. In fact, it is practically a sin to be in Germany and not see Frankfurt! So before you plan your Frankfurt adventures, read on what awaits any visitor to this lovely German centre.

Fact # - Frankfurters Were Named After Frankfurt Germany

Franks or also widely known as hotdogs were named after Frankfurt Germany. This makes the city the birthplace of hotdogs!

Fact # 2 - Frankfurt is the Centre of Arts in Germany

It also spends more than any other European city on arts. Any artist will surely feel at home in this Germanic city.

Fact # 3 - Frankfurt Germany is the European Jazz Capital

Jazz music lovers will surely fall in-love with the place, and a must visit venue to indulge in all that jazz is the Jazzkeler, the city’s premium venue jazz lovers.

Fact # 4 - Germany’s Longest Shopping Street is Located at Frankfurt

A visit to the Zeil, is a truly shop til you drop experience! Being the longest shopping street in the whole country, shopping for yourself and loved ones or for souvenir items can all be done here.

Fact # 5 - Frankfurt Germany is a Major Transport Hub



Be it for land, air, or rail travel, Frankfurt is at the middle of it all. When you are in the city, going to a lot of must see cities and locations is a breeze.

Fact # 6 - Frankfurt has the Tallest Buildings in Germany

4 of the tallest skyscrapers in fact, and not only in the country, but this holds true for the rest of the European continent as well.

Fact # 7 - Frankfurt Germany is One of the Most Expensive Cities

Being in the centre of transport, having the most important financial district, housing all that art, and all those skyscrapers comes at a prize, and that comes in the form of being one of the most expensive places in the world, but that’s okay though, as everything else makes up for this fact.

Fact # 8 - Frankfurt has over 30 of the best Museums in Germany

Being one of the oldest European cities does have a lot of perks, and one of that is being the home to a lot of artifacts which are housed amongst the over 30 museums all over the city.

Fact # 9 - Apple Cider Wine is a Must Try in Frankfurt Germany

Ebbelwoi, the local name for apple cider wine is a must try for every foreigner who happens to find themselves in here. The taste is exquisite and it’s a nice break from drinking all the German beers.

Fact # 0 - Frankfurt Is the Leading Financial Hub in Germany

Housing the most important financial hub in the country, and one of the most important in all of Europe, those who are business-minded will no doubt feel at home making their first million here.

Now that you know some sizzling tidbits about Frankfurt, wouldn’t you want to set foot in this part of Germany? Who knows what adventure the city holds for you, visit it and find out![...]

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