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Unfurnished Versus Furnished

In Germany, the term “unfurnished” means something entirely different than it does in most places. When you refer to unfurnished apartments or houses in Germany, this most literally means bare walls housing. This is one reason for the price difference in furnished and unfurnished. Unfurnished means no closets, no built-in cabinets, no kitchen fixtures, no lighting fixtures, no carpets or rugs, and no curtain rods or curtains. The kitchen will be a room with utility lines ready for cabinet, sink and appliance installation. All of these items are your responsibility to supply.

It is also important to know that kitchens,bathrooms, laundry rooms and halls are not included in the number of rooms specified in a housing option.




In other words, if you want a 4 room apartment, this will mean you are looking for 2 bedrooms, a living room and a dining room (plus kitchen and bathroom, etc.).

This is what makes furniture and fixture rental so appealing in Germany.

For less than the difference in rental between furnished and unfurnished, you can rent everything you need to furnish and equip your new home for occupation. Your best source for these items[...]

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What to Look for in Your Relocation Provider

When looking for a relocation provider for your move to Germany, there are many things you must consider before making a decision about which company is best for you.

The first indication of the right company is the one who listens intently to your needs and desires when it comes to your new home. You want them to treat you and your possessions as if they were their own property. You will want them to provide exceptional caring customer service which is always available to you. You want a relocation provider you can count on.



It is also very important to choose a company intimately familiar with the area you will be relocating to. A company such as this can provide you with valuable insight into your new home, the culture of the area and help you to arrange for all of the legalities and personal services you will need.



Finally, make sure the company you choose is willing to provide you with a free, no obligation quote prior to signing any contracts.[...]

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Reasons To Use A Relocation Company

A relocation company can be a valuable asset when you are moving to Germany. They offer many standard services related to moving your household, but also a number of valuable extras that can really make your transition to your new life seamless.

Professional relocation companies will find you an apartment or house according to your specifications, negotiate the lease and get the best possible price. Among other services, they will also help you with:


• Customs

• Driver’s license

• Work permits

• Bank accounts

• Insurance

• Obtaining a telephone or other utilities


Really good companies provide additional services above and beyond the call of duty by: 

• Helping you find the right nursery, kindergarten or other schools for your children



• Dentists

• Doctors

• Other family services as needed


Many of them will also be happy to provide you with sources for special items that are uniquely related to your lifestyle,such as specialty foods, veterinarians for your pets, a stable for your horse or a home near the golf course or other activities which you frequently utilize. [...]

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Tips for Renting An Apartment in Germany

Relocating to Germany for work can be an exciting opportunity for many employees and their families.  The moving process, however, has proven to be daunting and stressful.  Rather than buying,most expats look into renting a house or apartment in their destination city. However, with renting in foreign countries come unexpected surprises, so make sure to do proper research well before you relocate to Germany to avoid disappointment.  


Here are a few tips to help make renting an apartment in Germany easier:

·     Use the help of a rental agency.  Don’t bother navigating German real estate alone!  There are plenty of companies you can employ, for a small fee. They'll  do the searching for you.

·     Ask a friend to help you with navigating through real estate marketplaces such as They may provide some pages in English, however, the majority of apartment descriptions are only available in German.

·     Be prepared for the deposit. Landlords often ask for three month’s rent as a security deposit. Ask your landlord for a receipt once the funds have been transferred.

·     Prioritize your initial inspection.  Landlords usually look to place any damage fees on their lessees, so be sure you’re aware of any wear and tear on your new home before moving in.

·     Understand what you’re signing.  Keep a signed copy of your contract in your native tongue to avoid confusion down the line.

·     Make sure your deposit is submitted properly.  Although illegal in Germany, landlords will sometimes put your security deposit in personal accounts.  In the event this occurs,you could lose your entire deposit regardless of whether or not you held up your end of the contract.

·     Get renters insurance. Signing contracts in a foreign country allows you to be taken advantage of.  Rather than risk having to pay for something that you didn’t understand, pay a small monthly fee to prevent losing your deposit.

·     Don’t waste money on a fully furnished apartment.  Not only are they difficult to come by, they’re also far more expensive than those that are not furnished. You want to feel at home and add your own personal touch to your new apartment.

·     Be aware of the difference between kaltmiete and warmmiete. Kaltmiete is the basic rent while warmmiete is the rent inclusive of water, heating, trash removal and any other service that may be needed for the property. Electricity is generally not included and you will have to find an energy provider on your own.

·     Portals such as  can be used to compare electricity, gas, phone and internet prices. This is helpful, as it ensures that you know the best deals in your area when it comes to utilities.



Do you have some more tips for your fellow expats?  Join the conversation!


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Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Moving to another country is tricky enough, let alone the aggravation of finding an apartment at a fair price.  Rather than allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, remember a few key mistakes, and know how to avoid them:


·     Before signing a contract—Know the specifics from when rent is due to what your rental should look like when you vacate.  Remember, it’s a contract and  should be taken very seriously.

·     Inspect your new flat—Making note of every scratch, dent, and tear is important for your records and your landlord’s.  You both need to be aware of even minor things so you can avoid being held responsible for them.


·     Lessee Responsibilities—This can include garbage removal, lawn maintenance, utilities, and even maintenance of certain common areas.

·     Expenses for vacating—What will you be required to pay for?  Often times it’s carpet cleaning, painting, and new small fixtures.  Make sure you’re aware of what payments you are required to make.

·     Keep a copy of the contract—In your native language.  If possible, get help from someone who speaks your new country’s native language to be sure that you know exactly what you’re signing.

·     Renting fully furnished apartments—Not only is it difficult to come by, it’s far more expensive than an empty flat. Short- and long-term furniture and appliance rental is an option to consider, and often makes the most sense in the long run.




Do you have other tips for your fellow expats? Join the conversation![...]

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Rent a Kitchen in Germany

Did you know that an unfurnished apartment in Germanyliterally means unfurnished—All the way down to the kitchen appliances? With so many people relocating to its major cities for the booming auto and tech industries, it’s becoming more and more important for kitchen appliance rental.

Whether staying temporarily or moving altogether for your job, you’ll need a fully operating kitchen.  Some migrants choose to purchase brand new appliances and gadgets, but find that they end up waiting up wards of three months for delivery!  Rather than waiting around, think about looking into short- or long-term rental options for kitchens, furniture, appliances, and accessories. Ease the transition into your new home. You can have your rental appliances delivered to you in no time. And when it's time to leave Germany, have your rental service pick up your appliances and just like that, moving became less of a burden.



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