Buying furniture in Dortmund

It's always wise to opt for taking the car when furniture shopping in Dortmund. The reason for this is that furniture stores aren't typically located centrally, but instead away from the city center and thus, driving is a much better and easier option than deciding to take public transportation. If you've been in Dortmund for a while, you can certainly attest to the fact that the weather in the winter can indeed be rather harsh. I don't know about you, but waiting in the cold for a bus only to take another bus and then a train isn't something that sounds like a lot of fun. If you're furniture shopping, or just trying to get an idea of what's out there in the furniture world during the summer month's, by all means go for it. Why? Because you'll want to get in as much sun as possible before the winter comes storming in. However, if you're looking at picking up a few things while you're out, then you will, more than likely be in need of a vehicle. After all, walking with a couch on your shoulders won't only be difficult, it will be impossible.


Dortmund has some great furniture store options.


Here are a few that you'll love:


Möbel Drees

Beautiful, chic and unique designs. Their lamps are something that you must see.

telephone: 02 3 / 93 69 74 – 0

Address: BodelschwinghBodelschwingher Straße 25 44357 Dortmund





Poco Domäne

Just about everything you need for your home. Cleaning items, furniture, decorations and all at an affordable price.

telephone: 023/7762778

Address: Eisenhüttenweg 4445 Dortmund





Möbel Boss

With 00 stores in Germany, Möbel Boss is definitely on the up and up. But what makes them so great? Their prices are low, their quality is high and they've always got some event or rebate going on.

Phone: 023/8479540

Address: Bornstraße 95 4445 Dortmund


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Buying furniture in Darmstadt

It's not unusual to fall in love with furniture. In fact, I'm sure it happens to each of us, at least once in our lives. Having moved all the way from your native country to Darmstadt, you're probably looking for this feeling once again. You're looking for that wow factor when it comes to furniture. You want your home to be as comfortable and as homey as possible as this will be one of the indicators as to whether or not your time in Darmstadt was a good one. Planning your move is a necessity, as is planning your furniture seeking adventure. Darmstadt does have some exceptional locations where one can find all the need to furnish their homes. A few of these stores will be mentioned a little later. People often refer to the furnishing process in not only Darmstadt, but Germany as a difficult, and in some cases, a horrendous one. This is by no means a reflection on the products that are offered, but instead, the time it takes to receive these products. What this will mean for you, is that once you've found that 'wow' piece of furniture, you'll want to ensure that it gets to you before it loses its appeal-ability. Waiting for a long time for your furniture can indeed be very frustrating, especially in the case that you really are in need of the furniture you have ordered. To avoid this, it's important that you do your research before you relocate, finding out from different locations, what their delivery times are like. Having done so, you'll be able to determine what furniture store may work best for you, or if you'll need to pre order your items in order to have them at your location in time.

Phone: +49-6151-95012-0

Address: Otto-Röhm-Straße 85 64293 Darmstadt$frameset/Bstart

Phone: 0 61 51 / 99 59-0

Address: Elisabethenstraße 35 64283 Darmstadt



Phone:  06150 136-0

Address: Im Rödling 2 64331 Weiterstadt


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Buying furniture in Cologne

Is it really necessary to have a German native speaker accompany you to a furniture store in Cologne? In some cases it is. One of the things that is great about Germany for English speakers, is that a lot of people really do speak at least a little English. However, this does not mean that everyone speaks English, it's kind of a luck game really. When you're heading to a furniture store with the intent to buy, rather than to window shop, you really should bring a colleague or friend along who speaks German. Yes, it may just be furniture that you're looking at and you don't need a representative to tell you what looks good, because you've got your own styles and your own vision of what pieces you want in your home. However, when it comes to purchasing, there are a few things that you may need to know.


In terms of financing, having a German friend go over those German terms with the representative and then translate them to you will be very beneficial. When doing things on your own, especially if your German isn't very good, you'll get the smiles and the nodding, and translate based on body language. Which, when it comes to a sales rep, you don't want to go by body language for a financial transaction because they've got chirpy and jolly down even when selling you a deal that's not 00% great.


Then of course, there are the dreaded shipping times. Translating body language may lead you to believe that your furniture will be in your new apartment before you've even left the store when in actuality, you may have to wait months for it to be delivered.



Bring a friend or bring a dictionary, either way, you'll need the German language with you when furniture shopping.


Some great furniture stores in Cologne include:

Phone number: 02203 9042-0

Address: Hansestraße 5-53

549 Köln Porz-Gremberghoven


Email Address:

Phone number: 02234/98830

Address: Max-Planck-Str. 5 50858 Köln-Marsdorf

Email Address:

Phone number: 022 / 9 83 66-0

Address: Rolshover Straße 227  505 Köln

Email Address:[...]

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Buying furniture in Chemnitz

Gorgeous, affordable and quality furniture exists in Chemnitz. With the reign of Ikea, at times it seems difficult to acknowledge that there are indeed more furniture stores in existence. But luckily enough for you and I, there are. What this means is that for those who'd like to furnish their Chemnitz home or apartment in a more unique and individual manner, bits and pieces that you can incorporate into your living space aren't far away, they're right here in Chemnitz.


Are you in search of a new kitchen? Can you say affordable? Möbelcenter Chemnitz sure can. I think we've all been there in Germany, or at least a lot of us. You find the perfect apartment, that has everything you could ever want, except a kitchen. Yes, it is indeed discouraging when you're shopping around on a lower budget only to find that the majority of kitchens for sale don't even come close to being affordable. At Möbelcenter Chemnitz that's not the case. They definitely know how to combine beauty with a price that's beautiful to you.


Address: Schulstraße 38 0925 Chemnitz

Email Address: service@mö



If you love hardwood, then Moebelhaus Stooeckert is the perfect furniture store for you. Especially when it comes to finding a dining table that can withstand spaghetti storms, you'll want to make sure that the quality of the table is up there. This is definitely the place where you'll be able to find such quality.

Phone: 037 / 3864 – 0

Address: Zwickauer Straße 6 092 Chemnitz

Email Address:




At Moebelmarkt Chemitz you will be able to find discount furniture. We're all on some kind of a budget, and it's great to know that there are furniture stores out there that keep these budgets in mind so that we can comfortably furnish our homes without having to worry about not being able to afford everything we need while living in Germany.

Phone: 037 / 262 9 74

Address: Ludwig-Kühn-Str. , 0923 Chemnitz


Email Address:[...]

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Buying furniture in Bremen

One of the most frustrating things when buying furniture in Bremen, is the waiting times that you'll have to endure. It can be quite a downer, going into a store and being ready to purchase on the spot, only to hear that you'll indeed have to wait 2 weeks to have your items delivered. 2 weeks! Yes, it startles many. However, it does indeed make sense considering many of the furniture stores carry items that aren't made in Germany and thus, need to be shipped from their suppliers to you. The best way to avoid this, is by preparing for the waiting period to begin with.


In the case that your apartment is empty and you're a few weeks away from having to call the floor your bed, you may want to take a look at renting furniture for the short term. It's really saved a lot of people from having to spend mounts of cash on buying furniture that they don't want just because they really do need to have their home furnished, immediately. It's affordable, delivery is typically free and when you're ordered furniture arrives, most furniture rental companies will pick their products back up free of charge. This saves you time, money and a lot of sleepless nights.


Now that you know that preparation is key to furniture success, it's time to take a look at what Bremen has to offer. Chances are, you'll go crazy furnishing your home with the wonderful products that these stores have to offer:



- Amazing and affordable living room wall units. Online shopping available.


Phone: 04 2 / 48 45 -0

Address: Hans-Bredow-Straße 43

D – 28307 Bremen


Email Address:





Carries brands such as:

-        Rolf Benz Dono

-        Staud

-        Calligaris 


Phone: 042 / 79 05 – 0

Address: Ostertorsteinweg 84/85  28203 Bremen

Email Address:




Meyer Wohnen und Küche

- One of the best places to shop for kitchens in Bremen


Phone: 042 38 22 97

Address: Waller Heerstr. 96  2829 Bremen


Email Address:[...]

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Buying furniture in Braunschweig

Going furniture shopping isn't like heading to the city centre on a Saturday when you dread each minute that you have to think about finding a parking spot. Things are quite the contrary actually. When you're heading to a furniture store in Braunschweig, you'll want to take the care, there really are no 'if ands or buts' about it. Taking the bus can be hectic and on top of that, depending on where you live, it can take hours. Many furniture stores in Braunschweig are actually away from all the action and thus finding a parking spot will be like finding air, it's just everywhere.


But what's a parking spot worth if you haven't got an idea of where to start looking for furniture?

Hope is here, for Braunschweig definitely has some wonderful furniture stores that will have you going back time and time again to add more pieces to your home, just because you can't bare to leave them behind.


Möbel Homann

With the countless number of brands that Möbel Homann carries, there's no way that you'll be able to get your flavour when you decide to shop at this store.


The brands include:


·         Villeroy and Boch

·         Stressless

·         Siemens

·         Restyl

·         Miele



Phone: 053 37099-0

Address: Mascheroder Weg 5 3824 Braunschweig

Email Address:





When you speak of parking lots, Porta's parking lot can't go unmentioned. It's huge! They're usually pretty packed as well which speaks volumes about how great their furniture is and of course their prices. However, with a parking lot of their size, you're guaranteed to find a spot.


Phone: 05 3 / 2 34-0

Address: Hansestraße 28, 382 Braunschweig


Email Address:




Finding office furniture at a price that won't make you scream and run in the other direction can be difficult. However, once you've encountered Mömax, all that screaming will have stopped. They really do know what affordability is and they aren't afraid to enforce it!


Phone: +49-5307-20-0

Address: Wendebrück 2-6, 380 Braunschweig

Email Address:[...]

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