Buying furniture in Halle

Some people love the smell of a new car, I for one, believe that if there's one thing that tops that smell, it's furniture, brand new leather furniture, unwrapped in my very own Halle living room. It's one of the thrills about moving to a new city really. The ability to furnish on an untouched scene (untouched by you that is) and make it your own, allow your individuality to speak and to transform the room into something that you really can appreciate.


There's only one problem really. The fact that when you're doing things in a rush, like I typically do, you're faced with the challenge of finding a furniture store that stocks the items you would like to purchase. The best way to go, is to avoid this necessity all together, by finding out the delivery times in advance. With many of the furniture stores having online catalogs, you really can get an idea of what you want beforehand, and order the items that are available for purchase online. Everything else, you may want to consider renting until you've gotten a chance to look at them yourself. This way you won't be shocked by a misrepresentation of furniture that you saw online, where in your living room the actual piece is nothing like you had imagine, or nothing you would have wanted.


For many stores, it takes up to 2 weeks to have your furniture. It does, however, vary, so it's always best to contact the store rather than to assume.


Heule Möbel

Medium price, great baby furniture as well as sofas, futons etc.

Phone: 0345 / 20998 - 0


Address: Neustädter Passage

0622 Halle (Saale)




Möbel Spar

Affordable, Inexpensive, Cheap. Yes, this store is where you'll definitely get a bargain.

Phone: 0345 / 68 8 83


Address: Merseburger Str. 37

0632 Halle-Ammendorf





Really great for classy and comfortable sofas.


Phone:  0345-580264


Address: Deutsche Grube 3c, 066 Halle


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Buying furniture in Hagen

If you aren't already aware of the fact that many German furniture stores take up to three months to have your furniture delivered to you, then you may be in for a surprise. The reason for this is that a lot of furniture stores don't stock the products that they carry, but instead have to import them from overseas. As a result, the waiting times can be rather high and if one isn't aware of this beforehand, it can cause a bit of a problem when trying to furnish ones home. If you find yourself in such a situation where you have things planned for a specific date and your furniture will not arrive until weeks after, then you may want to consider leasing furniture until the ones you have purchased arrives.




Möbel Krebeck

With their timeless designs you be able to furnish your home in a manner that will not go out of style. Their products are of high quality and therefore a bit more on the expensive side but taking not only the design but the durability of their products the price is well worth it.

Phone: 0233.266


Address: Goldbergstr 7

58095 HagenGoldbergstr




Möbel Boss

Möbel Boss has very affordable furniture and is another popular German furniture store with 00 locations throughout Germany.  They've got kitchens, bedroom sets, bathroom cupboards and cabinets as well as a multitude of other items to get your home complete.

Phone: 0233/396030


Address: Feldmühlenstr. 2

58099 Hagen




Olbrich Wohnen

Outside of solely furniture, Olbrich Wohnen has carpets, mirrors, lamps and other bits and pieces that will work to making your home more complete. They are also no strangers to affordability and your pockets will, therefore, not feel threatened when shopping for furniture at  Olbrich Wohnen.

Phone: +49 (0) 233 97 55 56


Address: Kampstr. 5a

58095 Hagen


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Buying furniture in Gelsenkirchen

Moving to Gelsenkirchen is the perfect time to get pumped about buying new furniture. But no matter how excited you may be, it's also necessary to know that with all this excitement comes a little downside. For starters, there's the actual moving process which can be hectic, even if all you've got with you is your suitcase filled with clothing. The second part of stress may come with the realization that many furniture stores  take approximately three months to have the products to your doorstep. While this is inconvenient for many, it can be avoided through proper planning and preparation. Renting furniture to begin with is a wise and affordable option as you won't have to live in an empty apartment during the delivery period, but instead, you'll have all you need for those first few months until your handpicked items have made their way to your new Gelsenkirchen home.





Einrichtungshaus is a wonderful furnishing option. This furniture store is home to brands such as: Lifetime, Naos, D'Tec, Cattelan Italia, Gwinner, Nehl, Cor, Porada and a lot more. Prices at Einrichtungshaus range from medium to high.

Phone: 0209 - 4 8


Address: Schalker Str. 80-84 4588 Gelsenkirchen





Roller is very popular not only in Gelsenkirchen, but throughout Germany. With affordable prices and a wide range of products, it's a place where one can spend an enormous amount of time looking at the products they have to offer.

Phone: 0209/70000-0


Address: Willy-Brandt-Allee 66

4589 Gelsenkirchen



Möbel Falk

The great thing about this store is the direction they take where individuality is concerned. You won't only be able to find designer furniture at MÖBEL Falk, as they also offer customization, making your furniture more unique and more suitable to your needs upon your request.

Phone: +49 (0)209-39 93


Address: Horster Str. 3-33

45897 Gelsenkirchen-BuerHorster


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Buying furniture in Frankfurt am Main

Thinking about taking a jog to the furniture store? Don't. But what if it's summer and it's just really nice outside that you don't want to resist? There are two main reasons why you should opt for getting in the car and starting the engine when your final destination is a furniture store. Your primary reason will be that unless you really do live around the corner, you're probably looking at a pretty long journey, even when there are a couple buses or trains included. In addition, you'll have to ask yourself what happens if you find something that you just can't afford to leave behind.


When furniture shopping, a car is a necessity, there are no ifs ands or buts about it. Many furniture stores offer a hanger, so if you do find an item that can't fit in your car, and you want to take home right away, you'll be able to rent one from the store, attach to your car and be on your way.


Phone: 069 2056

Segmüller, the home of furniture for your home, is one location that you will want to add to your spots to visit when needing to furnish your Frankfurt am Main home.


Address: Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 32





Yellow Möbel

Their selection is rather limited and thus if you'll want to keep your options open for the pieces that you can't find here. However, it's definitely worth it to check out this store, because they do have items that would most likely be a great addition to your home.

Phone: 069-40 56 26 50


Address: Hanauer Landstr. 208

6034 Frankfurt





If you're someone whose home thrives on uniqueness, then there is no reason that you shouldn't make a trip to Ikarus. You're more than guaranteed to find something or things that you love.

Phone: 069 943 820


Address: Hanauer Landstraße 36

6034 Frankfurt am Main


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Buying furniture in Essen

If you're looking for an option other than Ikea to get your furniture needs taken care of, then you're in luck. Contrary to what it may seem like, other furniture stores do actual exist in Essen, and their prices will shock you. There's this strong belief that when it comes to furniture, Ikea does quality to cheapest, but this is not always true, not when compared to the abundance of other furniture stores in Essen.


For starters, there's:


Möbel Kröger

Here you're guaranteed to experience great savings on top of the line products. They've got quite a few stores throughout Germany, which serves as proof that they must be doing something right. Their store in Essen is pretty large and thus you could spend the entire day there looking at all the sofas, beds, kitchens, dining tables etc. that they have at amazing prices.

Phone: +49 (020) 64 64 – 0


Address: Hans-Böckler-Straße 80, 4527 Essen




Möbel Hensel

Möbel Hensel has all the furniture that you need for your home. From fully decking out your living room, to adding some style and individuality to your bedroom, you'll be able to accomplish it all when you shop with them. And of course, they've always got sales going on which makes shopping even more fun and affordable.

Phone: 020 / 8353-0


Address: 45329 EssenJohanniskirchstraße 4-20





Roller is another furniture store that has the square meters and the stock to keep you occupied for an entire day. Their online store is up and pumping which means that you can get quite a few of their products without even having to walk through the front door. Their delivery is typically on point, and thus long waiting times aren't generally something one experiences when shopping at Roller.

Phone: 020/7223890


Address: Altendorfer Straße 4 4527 Essen


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Buying furniture in Erlangen

When buying furniture in Erlangen, it is imperative that you keep your options open, know what is available before settling on a particular furniture store. You want your new home in this beautiful city to look chic and be a reflection of who you are and your new move. That's what's so awesome about redecorating and getting to start all over from the top. You will have a clean surface to work on, your bare apartment, and thus be able to paint as freely as you will. However, not knowing where to get your supplies, all the things that will make your new home a place that you're happy to be in, is the first problem you may experience. There are lots of viable furnishing options in Erlangen and through a bit of web surfing and visit of the locations, you will be able to get a better feel of what particular stores have to offer.


Don't get stuck on one spot. Shop around, really get to know what's on the market before making a final decision, or solely going with one store. Different stores have different prices and thus you may find items in one place at a bargain price, and need to hop on over to another shop for a different item at a great price.


The great Erlangen options: Take a look at what these two stores have to offer, they take fancy and fabulous to new heights. Both are a bit on the pricier side of life but there's no harm in splurging every once in a while.


Phone: +49 (0)9131.92026.0


Address: 91054 ErlangenFriedrichstraße 5





Phone: +49 (0) 91 31 7 78 40


Address: D 91058 ErlangenWetterkreuz 5



The options are there, it's just up to you to take them. Have fun while furniture shopping, after all, it's not every day that you move into a new apartment.[...]

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