Buying furniture in Kassel

When shopping for furniture in Kassel, it is important to keep in mind that many furniture stores have long shipping times. Anywhere from 3-2 weeks isn't strange for a German furniture store to have your items shipped to you and in many cases, 2 weeks is the typical time frame.


To avoid having your comfort disrupted or the beginning of your stay in Kassel unpleasant, you want to ensure that you plan ahead. Will you be staying in a hotel until you find an apartment? Have you already found an apartment but are waiting for your lease to start? Do you already have an apartment and are actively looking to furnish. These are just a few of the questions you will have to ask yourself in order to determine just how long you can wait for your furniture to be delivered.


In the case that you are flexible and can stick out the long delivery times, then the options that you will have to furnish your home, will indeed be wider. If not, then you will want to communicate this with the stores that you are planning on purchasing through, to ensure that you will be able to get your items on time. If not, you may want to consider renting furniture from a furniture rental company until your items are delivered.


Amongst the wide variety of stores in Kassel are Jr Möbel, Wohn Fabrik, Möbel Schaumann.  The prices in these furniture stores range from inexpensive to medium and medium to expensive. Knowing your budget will also be essential when choosing a furniture store.


Information for the above mentioned furniture stores :


Jr. Möbel

Phone: 056 / 9853-20


Address: Druseltalstr. B

343 Kassel





Wohn Fabrik

Phone: 056 - 7399983


Address: Erzberger Strasse 3 a

347 Kassel




Möbel Schaumann

Phone: 056 94880


Address: Knorrstraße 23



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Buying furniture in Karlsruhe

When furniture shopping in Karlsruhe, the first thing that may come to mind for many is Ikea. This Swedish store is quite the sensation in Germany, and thus is one of the most mentioned when asked about furniture store. However, in the case that you aren't looking to buy into the craze or you'd simply like to explore a bit further, then you're in luck because Karlsruhe does indeed house a multitude of exquisite furniture stores where you'll be sure to fill your home with all the wonderful and comfortable pieces that you intended upon your move to Karlsruhe.


Ikea is by far, not your only option when thinking about shopping for furniture. The other locations in Karlsruhe such as XXXL Shop, Roter Punkt and Neumaier Einrichtung offer a wide variety of furnishing options. In these stores, you can find anything from modern chic to unique and individual pieces. Where price is concerned, Roller would perhaps be on the lower end where as the other two stores are still very affordable but a bid pricier, with Neumaier Einrichtung leaning closer to the expensive category.


They are all worth taking a look at and because of the varied price ranges, you'll be able to shop around and see which stores really do fit your budget. Ikea is known for their low prices, as is XXXL Shop and thus if you really are hunting for a bargain you want to weigh your options to ensure that you get the best deal out there.


The contact information for XXXL Shop, Roter Punkt and Neumaier Einrichtung are as follows:


Neumaier Einrichtung

Phone:  072 / 570 452-0


Address: Carl-Metz-Str.

D-7685 Karlsruhe



Roter Punkt

Phone: 07 2) 2 85 78


Address: Amalienstrasse 25

7633 Karlsruhe




Phone: +49-72-6096-0


Address: Durlacher Allee 09

7637 KarlsruheDurlacher Allee 09


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Buying furniture in Jena

There is no denying that shopping is a lot of fun, whether it's clothes shopping, jewelery shopping or something a bit bigger inside, like furniture shopping. One of the great things about furniture shopping is that its usually the result of a move, and when an enticing city like Jena is involved you know the excitement just surges even more. However, to prevent the excitement from subsiding, you'll want to ensure that you plan accordingly. With furniture delivery times in Jena often being up to 2 weeks, knowing just how you are going to work with this time frame is essential.


The first thing you'll want to do is to get a clear idea of when you'll be moving, how big your apartment will be and what exactly you'll be in need of. Are you having furniture shipped from your home country? Are you already in Germany and planning on bringing some of your old furniture along? What kind of a budget are you working with? All of these questions and more will be necessary in ensuring that things run just as smoothly as you would have hoped.


Finke, Möbel Wenzel and Roller are great places to start looking for furniture in Jena. All stores have a wide variety of furniture ranging from bedroom pieces to living room furniture and also kitchens. They are all exceptionally affordable and with everything in one place, you can get a great idea of what prices to expect when furnishing each room in your new Jena apartment.


Information for Finke, Möbel Wenzel and Roller:



Phone: 0 36 4 / 234 362


Address:Stadtrodaer Str. 03 - 05

07747 Jena




Möbel Wenzel

Phone: 0364 / 406530


Address: Saalbahnhofstraße 2

07743 Jena





Phone:  0364/383-3


Address: 0775 Zöllnitz (Jena)Zöllnitzer Straße 2


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Buying furniture in Inglostadt

One of the most dreaded things when it comes to finding furniture in Germany, is the wait that usually accompanies it. Having found a piece that you would love to incorporate into your new Inglostadt apartment, it can be very discouraging hearing, “This will take about 2 weeks to get to you”. While this is something that is very common in German, those who are just making their way into the society may have their eyes opened in shock for a few minutes before things start settling in. Twelve weeks for furniture to get to you, are they kidding? They must be, right? Actually, they're not, the problem that you may come across is that quite a few stores only house the products that you see in the showroom. Upon purchase, the company will have to get the furniture from their supplier.


It may sound like a tragedy, after all, twelve weeks is a really long time. However, with viable options like furniture leasing and proper planning and preparation, 2 weeks isn't all that long, especially not where furniture that you just 'must have' is concerned.


Though many stores do take a while to ship items to the buyers, it's not always the case and thus finding out from the store is the best way to determine in which cases it's true and which one's its not. Who knows, you may get a lucky streak where all the stores you come across have the products you want on hand.


Not sure where to look for furniture in Inglostadt? Here are a few options that have got great pieces for your home:


Möbelhof- medium to expensive

Phone:  08450/9244-0


Address: Am Hochfeldweg 6 8505 Ingolstadt




Chuster Home Company- medium

Phone: 084 - 67095


Address: Heinkelstraße

85053 Ingolstadt




Kramer Einrichtung- expensive

Phone: +49 (0)84 623390


Address: Steinheilstraße D-85053 Ingolstadt


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Buying furniture in Heilbronn

Knowing your budget when shopping for furniture is essential. Rather than just browsing through a furniture store and purchasing the items without enough thought, you want to a bit of beforehand planning. Really sit down with pen and paper and get your list done properly. Look at all the rooms and write down all the furniture and other tidbits that you will need to fill those rooms. You'll also want to indicate how much you can afford to spend on each item. Having done so, add things up and determine whether or not the final number that you arrive at is a number that you will be able to afford.


If not, it may be wise to go over your list and revise it, taking out things that were wants instead of needs. Taking a look at the furniture stores in Heilbronn and their online pages will give you a better idea of what prices to expect to pay for certain items. Of course, these prices will be varied, as some furniture stores are more expensive than others.


You will also want to keep in mind the duration of your stay in Heilbronn. If only here for the short term, it may be wise to sacrifice quality on some items and purchase based on price in such a case as you won't be needing the items for long. Rental furniture may also be a viable option depending on just how short of a stay you're looking at or whether or not you are waiting for your furniture to be shipped from your native country.


Some furniture stores in Heilbronn include:


XXXL Shop (price range: medium)

Phone: +49-7131-487-0


Address: Neckargartacher Str. 120





Möbel Fromm (price range: medium to expensive)

Phone: 00 49 - (0) 71 31 - 6 83 31


Address: Am Wollhaus 19

D - 74072 Heilbronn




Schade Lamminger (price range: medium)

Phone: 07131 - 9264 -0


Address: Lämlinstraße 4174080 Heilbronn


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Buying furniture in Heidelberg

Are you moving to Heidelberg? Congratulations, it's such a fun and exciting city that's full of life. One of the things that you can't forget is that you'll need to furnish your home. Granted, with all the beauty that the city has to offer, you're probably wondering why on earth you'll need to furnish, after all, you could just live under the stars, taking it all in. Well, the winter gets cold, it gets so cold that at times you wish you could just admire all the beauty from your window, never having to step a foot through your front door. In these moments, the couch or your bed, along with a nice thick blanking will be your touching stone.


If you arrive in Heidelberg in the winter, one mistake you won't want to make, is taking the bus or train or attempting to walk to the furniture stores. It will be a long, dreaded walk, believe it! The majority of the times, furniture stores are freestanding buildings, a lot of them resembling a chic warehouse with a grandiose parking lot in the front. What this means is that they aren't typically found in city centers and thus you may be looking at having long waiting times for the bus and train in the not so friendly winter weather. Take your car, have a friend drive you, rent a car, but don't try to walk or count on public transportation, unless you really don't live too far away.


Here are some wonderful furniture stores in Heidelberg that you should definitely make a trip to:



Phone: 0 62 2 / 3 22 0


Address: Hertzstraße 8

6926 Heidelberg





Phone: 0622 - 836425


Address: Grenzhöfer Weg 3





Stilhouse- Design


Phone: 0622 - 98536 0


Address: Brückenkopfstr. / 2, 6920 Heidelberg


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