Buying furniture in Paderborn

The shipping times on furniture in Germany can be seen as somewhat as a disaster. Especially when you're going through a sudden move to Paderborn and are thus faced with the necessity to start from scratch with furnishing a new apartment, the last thing that you'll want to hear is that it may take months for the furniture you have purchased to arrive. This is why it is important to ask questions when buying furniture in Germany. Be sure that the representative who is assisting you with your purchase thoroughly goes over the duration of shipping with you so that you can prepare accordingly.


What options do you have for furniture in Paderborn


As stated in its name Preis Rebell is indeed a price rebel. Their affordable prices will make you worrying less about your budget and more about how you're going to be able to carry all the amazing furniture you've found in their store. Familiarize yourself with their prices at You will of course, want to check out their delivery times to determine whether or not they truly are a viable option for you and thus calling them at 0 52 5 / 5 40 08-0 may be a wise decision. Email:


Preis Rebell's address is : Senefelder Straße 20, 3300 Paderborn


Möbel Clou is the ideal place to get a quality sofa for an affordable price. Here you won't have to worry about 2 week shipping times.

Info for Möbel Clou:

Phone: 0525/778293


Address: Stettiner Strasse 34

3306 Paderborn





When shopping at Finke, don't get lost in their exceptionally large store. This really is one of the highlights about furniture shopping, not the getting lost bit, just the fact that they do have a wide variety to choose from.


Take a look for yourself:

Phone:0 52 5 / 302 0


Address: Paderbornerstraße 97

3304 Paderborn


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Buying furniture in Osnabrück

Ikea who? That's probably what you'll say when you realize just how many furniture stores there are in Osnabrück. There really isn't a need to worry about finding a store that will be affordable while offer high quality. And even better, you aren't limited to just Ikea, Osnabrück is home to many wonderful furniture stores where quality and affordability walk hand in hand.


Möbel Wurm-Osnabrück for example, has a lot to offer. If you're in need of a new kitchen because silly enough, your apartment didn't come with one, then this is where you'll be able to rejoice in just how low of a price you're able to find an amazing kitchen at. But kitchen's aren't all Möbel Wurm-Osnabrück has to offer because with their wide variety of household items, furnishing your home in just this one location will be a breeze.


Möbel Wurm-Osnabrück

Website: http://möbel-wurm-osnabrü

Address: Hannoversche Straße 4049084 Osnabrück




And then there is Kitzman Home Company which will leave you mesmerized by the items you have purchased through this store. They really have quality 'down to a T' and when buying furniture, the last thing you want is to have it break after a few weeks, so quality is indeed of dire importance.

Phone: 054 - 9987996

Kitzman Home Company

Phone: 054 /  8008730


Address: Hannoversche Str. 28

49084 Osnabrück




Last, but by no means least, with over 00 stores throughout Germany, and thirty plus years in the furniture business, is Möbel Boss. The variety that this stores has to offer can be compared to that of Ikea. They've got just about everything you could ever want for your home and aren't afraid to show their great prices. Take a look for yourself on their official website:

Additional info for Möbel Boss:

Phone: 054/7708530

Address: Mindener Straße 8

49084 Osnabrück


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Buying furniture in Oldenburg

Yes, Oldenburg does have a lot of furniture stores. You're probably surprised to hear this statement considering Ikea seems to be all the rage in this city. However, it is true. Though many of the smaller stores are overshadowed by Ikea's enormity, they do indeed still exists and they're not just a secret that the locals keep hidden, they're available for you to take advantage of too.



Möbel Weirauch is just one of the options you have for furniture shopping in Oldenburg. Here, you won't just be able to find furniture for one room in your home, because they've got stock that can complete each and every room you're in need of conquering. Fair prices for the smaller budget is also something that you'll be able to appreciate when shopping at Möbel Weirauch. Their telephone number is: 04 4 / 93 05 0, you can also check out their website at www.moebel-weirauch.deor visit them at Stiekelkamp 9+5, 2625 Oldenburg/Ofenerdiek. Email address:



Trendwende Einrichten is another option for furniture stores. Another great thing about this particular store is that they offer a wide range of textiles which means you'll only have to make on stop to get your bed and also your bedding. Their information is as follows:



Phone:  +49 (44) 9834030


Address: Alexanderstr. 9

262 Oldenburg

Email: ed.nethcirnie-ednewdnert@ofni


Have you heard of Tejo? It's about time you did. This store will give Ikea a run for its money every day of the week. So in the case that you're looking for high quality products at a reasonable price, then this is a great place to be.

Phone:0436 - 506790


Address: Kieler Chaussee 8

23758 Oldenburg




Take the time out to explore the options that you have in order to ensure that you really are making the best financial decision. Once you're through purchasing furniture and filling up your home, you'll be happy to know that you've got lots left in your wallet to enjoy the city you've now relocated to. [...]

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Buying furniture in Offenbach

How much are you willing to spend on furnishing your Offenbach apartment? An arm? A leg? Not too much but just enough?


One of the most hectic costs that come with moving is funding the move. Especially when transitioning into a whole new country, you may more than likely need to purchase furniture. However, though the expense may not be a small one, it definitely does not have to be one that cripples your finances.


In order to better accomplish savings where furnishing your apartment or home in Offenbach is concerned, you'll have to do some shopping around. This will enable to you determine what stores have better prices, where you can get a better deal and which ones should only be shopped at for one or two unique pieces.


But where do you get a bargain in Offenbach?

There are no shortages when it comes to furniture stores in this city. A quick Google search will lead you a wide range of options.


Take a look at these three stores to better familiarize yourself with what the market has to offer:




Möbel Maith

Here you can find furniture for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and garden. The cost of furniture is relatively low thus making Möbel Maith the perfect place for those with a low budget.

Phone: 069 8620


Address: Strackgasse 2, 63075 Offenbach Bürgel




Möbel Boss

Möbel Boss has over 00 stores in Germany offering low prices that won't let your budget scream. You can also find accessories for your home such as: lamps, carpet, pictures, frames, lighting fixtures etc.

Phone: 069/8300480


Address: Odenwaldring 0

63069 Offenbach am Main





Gebraucht Möbel Offenbach

If you're looking for a very affordable option then this company is the one you want to head to. They have used furniture at prices that can only be described as 'a steal'. Once you're ready to head back home, you have the option of selling your furniture to them.

Phone: 069-89 99 03 55


Address: Odenwaldring 86

D-63069 Offenbach/M.


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Buying furniture in Nuremberg

Assembly services are somewhat of a life saver, or perhaps more of a finger saver. Depending on the type of furniture you are purchasing and how much work will need to go into assembling them, you'll want to find out from the furniture store you have purchased from if they offer assembly. Why? Because assembling often turns out a lot difficult than one imagines. You may not only be looking at smashed fingers but also broken glass, frustration and possibly a wall unit that looks like it's been hung in the 'crooked house'.


Having a representative from the furniture store where the item was purchased is the best way to go because more than likely, they have had their fair share of practice and you can be certain that they won't ruin your product. They'll know just how to handle it and things will go a lot faster than if you had done it yourself or hired someone who's unfamiliar with the furniture to take on the job.


Möbel Werner

Also equipped with a kitchen section, Möbel Werner offers competitive prices and a store where you can find just about everything you will need to get your home up and running in comfort and style. They've been in operation for over 50 years and have gained an astounding reputation in Nürnberg.

Phone: 09 - 423 524 3


Address: Dianastr. 96-00

9044 Nürnberg




Stöckl Möbel

Their online store doesn't display images of the products that Stöckl Möbel has to offer, but it's worth taking a stroll in to see if you like what they have to offer.

Phone:  09 / 58 06 77 0


Address: Neumeyerstr. 2

904 Nürnberg




Segmüller Nürnberg

Segmüller has quite a few locations throughout Germany in cities such as Freidberg, Mannheim, Stuttgart and of course, Nürnberg.

Phone: 09 5400-0


Address: Laufamholzstraße 72

90482 Nürnberg-Mögeldorf


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Buying furniture in Neuss

Nail and hammer, hammer and nail, for some people this results in hammering their nails. Not the metal nails, no, the ones attached to fingers. Hammering in many cases can be considered an art. It's something that only the strong and the ones with a hand that doesn't fidget or twitch should take on. What's strange to notice, is how some people have the steadiest of hands until a hammer is placed into it. If you're one of these people and you've been tasked with furnishing your Neuss home, then it's time to find someone who knows just how to keep their hands still.


When you are buying your furniture, it's always wise to find out from the representative you are dealing with, if the store offers assembly and what the cost of such a service would be. A lot of the times assembly services are very affordable and in many cases free (having purchased for over a certain amount). If the store does offer assembly, then you really may want to consider taking it because even though it may seem simple to put together a wall piece, once you're challenged with all the  numbers on the back and the glass that needs to be screwed into place, things won't be so easy.


With assembly services, you may, however, be looking at a 2 week wait until someone is able to get to you. If you can withstand the time, do so.



Phone: 023/927-2300


Address: Theodor-Heuss-Platz 5

4460 Neuss




Möbel Für Dich

Phone: 023 5 26 70


Address: Breite Strasse 2

4460 Neuss





Phone: 0233.9789536


Address: Borsigstr.4

454 Dormagen




Take the easy and the safe way out by having a professional tackle the job rather than introducing your fingers to injury. Paying the small price for functioning and pain free fingers will be more than worth it. [...]

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