Buying furniture in Trier

Finding a furniture store in Trier is by no means a difficult task. In fact, it's so easy that one quick search will yield you quite a few results. To get a better idea of what's out there and what prices the market has to offer, you may want to consult with someone who's been there and done it all. Speaking with your colleagues about where they have shopped for their furniture is a great way to get ideas on furniture stores that you may want to consider visiting.


·         Some questions to ask include:

·         What are the delivery times like on a particular store?

·         How far away is the store located?

·         Is there parking available?

·         Is there an assembly service offered, if so, what's the cost?

·         What is the price range of a particular store?

·         What style of furniture does a particular store offer?

·         What is the quality like in a particular store?

·         Do the sales representatives speak English?


The more people you ask, the more variety your list will have. If there's anything to be noted about Germans, it's that they love to share information so there's no need to fear asking, because more than likely, they'll love telling you all about their experience with select furniture stores. By the end, you'll have a complete list of all the places you need to go to and your search for the perfect furniture will be a lot lighter than you could have ever imagined.


Some options in Trier include:



The prices in these stores are very affordable and thus, no matter what budget you're working with, they're worth considering. [...]

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Buying furniture in Solingen

Furnishing an entire apartment or house can be quite the task. It's not as simple as just closing your eyes and picking a furniture store that you'll purchase each and every item for your home from. Instead, it requires thought, preparation and of course, a lot of research.


You will also want to weigh the options for furniture stores that you have in Solingen. With the multitude of furniture stores in the area, it can be quite difficulty to weed through the bunch and come to a conclusion on not only which ones to visit, but also which ones give the best value for money.


Depending on how desperate your need is for furniture, you may have a bit more weeding through to do in order to determine which stores will be able to get you the items of your choice in the shortest duration of time. Taking into consideration the long delivery times that many furniture stores in the area boast, if you need furniture right away because you're seconds away from living in an empty apartment, then you'll want to know which stores to avoid, which ones to visit and also, what your other options are.


When in a hurry to find furniture, one option that you may want to consider is leasing furniture. This will save you from purchasing furniture that you don't particularly like just in order to fill your home. With furniture leasing companies, you typically have the option of going for short term or long term and the prices offered are usually inexpensive.




Furniture shopping in the winter can be devastating. If you think about how harshly cold it gets in Stuttgart, you will more than likely get just a few goosebumps. Now, imagine what happens when you step outside to face the cold head on. What if your plans are to take a train or a bus to get to the furniture store? This probably won't be the best idea.


Many furniture stores in Stuttgart are located outside of the heart of the city and thus, getting to these locations may leave you wondering if you have frostbite by the time you arrive. If you haven't got a car, then you may want to consider renting or having a colleague or friend who does have a vehicle, join you on a trip to the furniture store. Save yourself from having to shiver on your way to the furniture store. Be able to relax and view the furniture without having to think about how much you'll dread leaving the store to wait on the bus once you're through shopping.





The car is always warmer when compared to the bus stop or that long trip to the train station. Don't make the mistake of being stuck in freezing weather, wishing you'd never left your home. It definitely won't make for an enjoyable trip. [...]

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Buying furniture in Saarbrücken

How good is your German? If you haven't been keeping up with the language, but are in dire need of spending some much needed time selecting furniture for your home, then having a friend who speaks German accompany you will be very beneficial to your success in finding the perfect pieces at an equally perfect price, for your home.


Many sales representative in Saarsbrücken don't speak German and thus, if you aren't very familiar with the language, you may have a difficult time communicating to the representative just what it is you are looking for. Two of the primary instances where German language skills will be needed is when talking about financing furniture or figuring out how long it will take for your furniture to be delivered to your home. You will want to ensure that you have a firm understanding of both these things as they will be important in determining just how successful your transaction is.


With that said, Saarbrücken is home to a lot of furniture stores and thus, finding items for your home really will not prove to be difficult.


Here are a few examples of the furniture stores you can find in the area:


Möbel Fundgrube- If there's anywhere you can get a great deal on sofa's, Möbel Fundgrube is the place.

Phone: 06 8 / 9 06 27-0

Am Kieselhumes , 6623 Saarbrücken


Möbel Wagner- With great service, excellent quality and attentive staff, you can't go wrong when shopping at Möbel Wagner.

Phone: +49 (6893) 47

Eschringer Str. 48

663 Saarbrücken-Ensheim


At Möbel Martin you won't only be afforded variety, but also lots and lots of rebates and savings on your favourite items.

Phone: +49 (0) 68 80-0

Eschberger Weg 2 · 662 Saarbrücken



It may be wise to contact these locations beforehand to see if they have an English speaker on their team. This will enable you to decide on whether or not a translator will be necessary.[...]

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Buying furniture in Reutlingen

Have you been wondering where to purchase furniture in Reutlingen? The answer is just about everywhere. Okay, maybe not everywhere, but Reutlingen does have quite the substantial number of furniture stores.


For those of us moving to this beautiful city, it's an exceptionally great thing. Why? Because it gives us the world of options to choose from. If you're someone who is picky about the furniture that they buy and are looking for a combination of quality and value for money, then shopping around will be of dire importance to you. When it comes to doing just that in Reutlingen, you will not be disappointed. Instead, what you will be faced with is furniture stores that specialize in designer furniture, those that are more focused on modern designs, others that have amazingly low prices and so much more.


The options are there, and therefore, it's a furniture shoppers  playing field in a game that can only be won. Take the time out to view the following websites and get acquainted with some of the options that you have when shopping for furniture in Reutlingen. There's so much more out there, but starting somewhere is better than not starting at all, right?


Wohland Reutlingen is a great place to pick up all your furniture necessities, whether it be for the garden, the bedroom, living room or dining room.

You can get an idea of what they have in stock here:

Phone them at: 072-53-0

Other useful information:

Karl-Henschel-Strasse 30, 72770 Reutlingen


Möbel Rieger is the ideal place to shop for your child's bedroom.

You can check out their website here:

Other information:

Phone: 072 / 357 - 0

Schieferstraße 0,

72760 Reutlingen


Braun Möbel combines comfort and affordability.

Visit them at: Markwiesenstr. 38,

72770 Reutlingen

Other information:

Phone: (0 7 2) 99 0[...]

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Buying furniture in Regensburg

Furniture store shipping times in Regensburg can be one of the most discouraging and frustrating things to deal with, especially if you're looking for furniture at the last minute. For many stores, it will take up to twelve weeks until they have the items to your home. If you really need to get your home furnished as soon as possible then you will have a few things to consider.


-        Check for stores that have their products in stock

-        The problem with this is that if these stores don't carry styles that you particularly like then you may end up purchasing something that doesn't quite satisfy your needs and leaves you disappointed

-        Rent furniture for the 2 week period that it takes to ship the items you've purchased

-        This is a great and affordable option. One of the perks of furniture leasing is that at the end of your use, the company will typically pick the furniture up from your home free of cost.

-        Purchase second hand furniture and sell or donate once your furniture arrives

-        The problem here is that selling can be quite difficult and if you don't get the items sold in time, you might have problems being able to fit your new furniture

in your home.


Phone: 094 /64649-00

Kare design's affordable prices make it a great place to pick up unique tidbits for one's home.

Wahlenstrasse 7

D - 93047 Regensburg


Phone: 094 6308550

Furhrmann Wohnen is excellent for those with a delicate and classy furniture palate.


93047 Regensburg


Phone: +49-94-606-8632

With over 20 stores and still expanding, Moe Max has become one of Germany's favourites where furniture is concerned. They prices are pretty condensed in the middle range and at times are more inexpensive than medium.


93055 Regensburg[...]

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Buying furniture in Recklinghausen

Why it's important to take a look at a few furniture stores before deciding on one?

When it comes to furniture shopping in Recklinghausen, there are many options available, it's just up to you to take them. One of the main things that cause people to overspend on furniture is the belief that if a store has one of the most important items that they need, like a bed, at a relatively low price, then that's enough to determine that the store is an affordable one all together. This couldn't be farther from the truth, as in many cases, stores have a bargain in one section and expense in another.


The importance here, will then lie on the fact that you can't judge the entirety of a store by one product. Take a look at a few stores to get an idea of what the prices in the region are. Especially if you're coming from a different country, you'll want to compare German prices with German prices rather than German prices with the price offered in your home country. This means that you'll have to get online and do some looking around as well as make your way to a few furniture stores in the area to find out what your best furniture store options are for given items.



Phone:  0236 9396 0

Ostermann- lamps, dining tables, cribs, sofas, everything you need for your home can be found here for an affordable price.


Address: Schmalkalder Str. 4

45665 Recklinghausen


Phone:  0236 0896


Home Schlafen Wohnen- this is where you'll want to look for all your bedroom furnishing needs. The items here may be a bit expensive, but if you're in need of quality, then it may be worth withstanding the price that comes with it.

Erlbruch , 45657 Recklinghausen


Phone: 02365/20962

Reso Möbel-  Prices are Reso Möbel are in the middle range, and thus won't completely dampen your budget.


Address: Brassertstr. 5-2

45768 Marl


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