Affordable Apartment Living in and Near Munich

Affordable Apartment Living in and Near Munich

Renting an apartment in Munich can be far more difficult than renting in other German cities and towns due to high demand and low availability.  


How much can you expect to pay for rent?

If you're planning on living in the heart of Munich you can expect to pay anywhere from 2 to 6 euros per sqm for an apartment. 




The price of:

a 30 square meter, studio apartment ranges from 300 to 500 euros.

a 50 square meter, bedroom apartment ranges from 600 to 900 euros.

a 00 square meter, 3 bedroom apartment ranges from ,200 to 2,000 euros.


Check out surrounding areas

There are numerous beautiful cities surrounding Munich that you may like to consider when relocating and trying tostay within your budget.

·     Neuperlach

·     Haar

·     Trudering

·     Harlaching

·     Forstenried

·     Obermenzing




·     Pasing


Not living in the city center doesn't mean that you won't have reliable public transportation or be within close proximity to restaurants, cafes and other amenities.  These cities contain very nice neighborhoods where it's easy to feel comfortable and at home. 

Another way to ease the financial burden of moving is to keep an eye on unexpected costs, including heating, which isn’t included in your electric bill, snow removal in the winter, and lawn maintenance if you live in a house.


Check out our other articles about Munich and its nearby attractions.  And don’t forget to plan for Oktoberfest!


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